Accuracy, reliability and ease of use. These are important things to do when buying a fitness tracker or smart watch because you do not want to end up with fake statistics. There is a large population that swears by fitness monitors and does not want to duplicate on smart phones. It is about interests and needs. If you are interested in getting a fitness tracker, how much would you be prepared to spend? You can take something up to 2,500 Rebels or withdraw 15,000 Rebels. Obviously, there are big differences in what you get. For many reasons we were testing the Fitbit Charge 5, an advanced fitness tracker. Before filling out your debit card, make sure you have a fitness tracker and that is beyond the basics. Read this, that and more if you like.

Ease of use

Fitbit has taken some of its best smartphones and packs them in a small form, which is free to say the least because it is light on the wrist and only for sleeping, in addition to losing battery life. I find it difficult not to call a smart watch because there are so many features on the fitness tracker.

Outside of the old monochromic screen, the Charge 5 has an active touch-sensitive AMOLED display, which is very responsive and bright even under sunlight. There are no physical buttons on the tracker, which may be missing for many but try it because the display is well built. The navigation system takes a few hours to get used to but it is very simple – swipe to find different menu options, touch to select and swipe back or double-tap on any screen to return directly to the clock face.

It is worthwhile to try out the premium features.

One big feature of the Apple Watch is called ‘custom’. Well, once you start dressing, it is almost impossible to live without it. There is no going back. Fitbit at 999 Rs per year (also available monthly plan) The premium subscription plan is achieving that level (there is also a monthly plan) offering users a variety of options. There is a six-month free subscription for each Charge 5 purchase to make you experience the package. I’ve been using premium ratings for a while and it’s simply amazing.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do with Charge 5 before getting a premium rating. There is an ECG application similar to the one on the Apple Watch. It basically tests for abnormal heartbeat. There is a SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen, nowadays everyone is looking for a smart watch. There is also an ADA or electrodermal activity sensor on the ship. This is done by keeping a close eye on changes in sweat levels, which basically show how your body responds to stress. Helps with stress management points you can find in your Fitbit app.

Sleep monitoring works just like the latest Fitbits, which translates into many details about your sleep patterns, restlessness and sleep patterns and of course everything comes together in 100.

This brings us to the premium level. One of the great features is the daily readiness, which advises how much you need to push your body. It takes into account factors such as activity level, sleep, heart rate fluctuations, and so on. Should you take a day off or do you just go for a yoga or a session of consciousness? It makes it easier to understand your overall safety.

Fitness monitoring and battery life

In addition to water resistance (you can follow the swimmers) there are 20 types of exercise that you can follow. There is a built-in GPS which means you can leave your phone at home and still track things like line information. If you are not using a connected GPS, it will take about 10-15 seconds to lock in your GPS. Speak the distance before you start exercising You also have the option of setting goals. Although Fitbit is owned by Alphabet, the device works well with iPhones except for a few ambiguous features such as fast response. There are some watches that I like but there is no such thing as a smart watch, but I am fine.

Other shortcomings are playback controls for music apps on your phone, music storage, speaker or microphone. This means you focus on exercise. I think the company says you get seven days of battery life, I think if you do a 30 minute GPS workout, do a few EDA scans and always stay in active mode, you should expect four.

If you are good at all touch screen experience, there are no flaws in this fitness tracker. Is this really a fitness tracker or just two steps behind the smartwatch? The Fitbit Charge 5 is a no-nonsense fitness tracker that offers many user-friendly measurements.

At a glance