Mobi Fitness has already done a variety of home exercises, including paddling and elliptical. You can now add spinach to the mix. Here a Link to PR If it starts this week.

The Molo Fitness Turbo Exercise Bike (MBH3208) was officially launched this week and is now on board. Via Amazon At $ 899 (there is currently a $ 90 coupon optional option).

At first glance, this might seem to be just the tip of the iceberg. But spend some time collecting it and be clear about a few lessons and some differences, especially when compared to the entry level price (under $ 499).

Build for a quality. The Mobi Fitness bike looks great. As the owner of Peloton, I made side-by-side comparisons and found the materials and overall strength to be excellent. This is a bike that you can use to get out of the saddle without worrying about the consequences.

One of the best ways to do this is to be self-sufficient.

This means that the bike automatically adjusts the pressure on the flywheel, making it easier or harder to ride depending on the time frame or exercise.

Depending on the Peloton bike, by contrast, the driver must manually adjust the steering wheel to adjust the pressure. You can buy Peloton on your own, but you will need to spend a lot of $ 24.95 on the rights (in addition to the monthly subscription fee).

Anyway, I’ll have a full review soon. The Mobi Fitness Turbo Fitness Bike covers the bike. In more detail. Follow him. Stark Insider.

In the meantime, jump ahead to see the boxing process. There is no doubt about how difficult it is to collect a bicycle (the Peloton buyers’ own reception is fully assembled at the door). You can put aside any worries. It took me less than an hour to assemble in the garage – and it took more time to take the photos below. Thanks to a pair of front tires, the bike is easy to move. Point it out and rotate it easily. However, if you want or need to climb some stairs, you need help. This is a heavy bike (in a good way!).

Mobi Fitness Turbo Fitness Bicycle Browse First Views

My first views are here. Preliminary response is based on opening, collecting, and passing a few episodes on Mobi Fitness and related apps.

  • Excellent design, the bike is beautifully pleasing. I like the monochromatic gray / white color scheme.
  • The iPad case is finished with an old wooden cover which is a nice touch.
  • The outer shell keeps the inner workings of the gear, which gives it a clean design, and the child or pet must be safe from nearby objects.
  • I found the glove to be well-designed and equal to Peloton.
  • Noise: Wisdom, very quiet. You can’t ride a bicycle without worrying about waking up the family.
  • Synchronizing Bluetooth with my phone is fast and secure.
  • The Mobi Fitness app (free) works fine, even though the content may seem limited (for now). More on this in the review.
  • Pedals come with a standard exhaust. They can be easily adjusted according to their industry standard. I replaced them with an extra pair of Look Delta Peloton pedals that work really well.
  • Seat and arm adjustments work in three adjustable turns and lifts, just like on a Peloton bike. Fitness was not an issue for me. Comfort is great.
  • Full review coming soon to Star Sticker.

Mobi Fitness Turbo Fitness Bicycle Closing
Assembly process

Here are the photos you need to open the box. This pauses to take pictures again and again.

I think two people can easily assemble the bike in 30 minutes. The instructions are clear. Above all: all the necessary equipment is included and well marked.

Note the details of the shipping box:

  • Sizes 41 ″ x x 9 ″ W x 33 ″ h (1085 mm x 230 mm x 870 mm)
  • Weight 112 pounds (51 kg)

You will definitely need a pickup or a small SUV to transport the room from the local post office to your home. This can be a very difficult part of the whole setup process and can sometimes require two people. The core of the bike is surprisingly easy to assemble when it comes pre-assembled. You only need to attach the handles, the base, and various bits to complete the process, as shown in the photos below.

Finally, here is a summary of the contents of the box:

  • A rolling bicycle
  • Power adapter
  • A set of tools
  • Guide

Mobi Fitness Turbo Fitness Bicycle Closing
Box opening photos

In the last photo above you can see the bike Mobi Fitness app (no registration required) paired with my iPhone. The main parameters are displayed in the (rather nifty) control dialog. Bending changes the resistance. However, the emperor does that work for you automatically, which allows you to focus on the task at hand.

So far so good. I will get the full review soon. By Stark Insider.