Console special games have always been a hot topic, with fans shouting at each other to declare their software supremacy, and console manufacturers are pretending to be no-face studios to bolster their unique offerings.

While there are certainly negative aspects to practice, competition It does Still developing creativity and in the race to provide the best gaming experience, the PlayStation 5 has built a unique feature in the new machine. One of his most daring traits is a supervisor full of technical wizards such as haptic feedback and adaptation. Triggers are the main draw cards in the unique gameplay, some of which are fully utilized by big titles such as Restate and Ratchet and Clink Reef Apartment.

Enter your next competitor with a console special ring and another game PS5 trademark DualSense controller Special result – finger fitness.

With about AUD $ 1.45 and about ten minutes to complete the Platinum Cup, you could argue that Finger Fitness’s “another” trophy-worrying extravagant game is under the tutelage of Masagi and Sime Mayo. But those games are similar to trophy hunting in the PlayStation ecosystem, but finger skill goes a step further. Only Possible on Sony’s new-generation device.

The idea is simple – a pair of fingers on the screen should be counted and their players should use it Of his own Flick the left and right triggers on the DualSense controller to quickly twist their in-game numbers and earn points quickly. The more points you have, the more you can spend on things like multiplying, earning points and increasing energy. The stronger you are, the more you can bend your fingers before you want to massage the strength bar by resting and sliding on the DualSense touchpad.

Rinse, repeat, and slowly build up your point-collecting energy until you become a finger-changing god and get a shiny new platinum trophy for ten minutes.

The cookie on the DualSense controller provides real resistance when you try to quickly load those beautiful adapter triggers into your fingertips, the game is increasing or decreasing the resistance depending on the progress of your handballs and open strength enhancements. It feels like a real workout for your attachments in the most difficult places – especially if you’ve recently been single in a long lock.

Finger Fitness joins a growing number of “amazing” games designed to squeeze trophy hunters for $ 2 for Platinum, but the DualSense controller is a good example of how it can be applied to even the most sophisticated. Titles.

You can get the game from within PlayStation Store here… if you want.