“This ClearAngel fundraiser reflects our commitment to democratization of women-owned brands.” – Andrew D’Souza, CEO and Co-Founder, Clearco.

ClearcoThe world’s largest e-commerce investor and the founders of the company are making a difference in the way they grow their business, the company announced today. ClearAngel The program is funded Lifting and winning, A supplier of sustainable, affordable fitness accessories under the ownership of a woman. ClearAngel provides start-up capital, revenue-based advice, and Clearco’s extensive network of apps, agencies, and investors.

A.D. Lauren and Lauren, founded in March 2019 by fitness fan Lauren Fabello, overcame many financial and institutional obstacles and came to fruition. The brand aims to elevate consumers by reminding them that obstacles can be overcome. After successfully positioning directly into the consumer market, ClearAngel’s financial support will help increase Lift & Conquer’s wholesale opportunities and increase capital for product expansion.

ClearAngel is a new, unfair, flexible capital option for first-time founders network to pick up an angel or join special accelerators. The program has funded more than 350 companies since February 2021.

“The world is more focused on health than ever before. We are proud to support Lift & Conquer and to provide consumers with high quality fitness accessories at an affordable price, ”said Andrew de Soza, CEO and founder of Clearco. “This ClearAngel fundraiser reflects our commitment to democratization of women-owned brands.”

In addition to the $ 10,000 Mutual Capital, Lift & Conquer has access to a network of more than 500 investors, development teams, agencies, apps, lawyers and buyers. As well as information-based advice to measure and beat new income levels. ClearAngel’s support allows Lift & Conquer to reach new revenue levels and includes product yoga mats, gym bags and more.

Lauren Fabello, co-founder of Lift & Conquer, said: “ClearAngel’s support, which is part of our daily mindset to deliver high quality fitness products, is critical to our journey. “With this support, we will continue to raise inspiring women to overcome obstacles every day.”

To learn more about lifting and lifting and to practice fitness accessories for yourself, visit liftconquer.com.

ClearAngel is currently shipping e-commerce and product companies, and has limited space available for SaaS, Apps, Marketplace and Hidden Companies. To learn more about applying, visit angel.clearbanc.com.

About Clearco ፡

A.D. Founded in 2015 as Clearbanc, Michelle Romano offers the most innovative capital solutions for e-commerce, mobile-based mobile solutions from Canada Shark Tank (Dragon Cave), Andrew de Soza, Ivan Grisinik, Charlie Feng and Tanay Delima. Access to applications, and SaaS founders, as well as a complete product portfolio and powerful global network, insights and data and recommendations. Clerico has so far invested more than $ 2 billion in more than 4,500 companies, including Lisa Sleep, fashion-rental service Le Tote, furniture company public goods, shirt maker UNTUCKit, online speech therapy practice Expressable and digital real estate marketplace SetSchedule. Visit clear.co and @getClearco for more information.

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