You have already taken it Zac Efron’s Baywatch– Exercise time, Which includes the number of “astronomical” repetitions and Rock 50-set back and biceps turn, Fitness Vlogger sees Lucy Davis’ latest test video. Chris Hemsworth high volume Tor work out.

The first part of the exercise begins with 3 sets of 15 pops and focuses on body weight exercises. “I may end up going down, but I’ll give him what I can,” Davis says. “I can make 4 sets of 8, but 15 is another level.”

She finishes the first set well and says she can cry with joy. In the second set she manages 10 Pulp applications and then finishes with 5 chips and can only complete the third set with donors.

The second exercise is a setup, performed for 3 out of 20 sets, with Davis relatively complete, followed by 3 out of 15 pushups. After three major bodybuilding exercises, she tested her explosives in 3 sets of 10 box jumps and finally in 3 sets of 15 squats. This general exercise takes more than 40 minutes to teach.

“It’s really a lot of weight, we haven’t even started weighing in,” she said. “This is completely another session. This is his warmth or madness.”

The second half of the test begins with “Iron Cycle Training” in 3 sets with 15 barbell squats. “I don’t remember the last time I made 15 barbel squid,” she says. “I do not do 15, I do 15 … I do not know what weight I have to go.

Moved by the intensity of his efforts, Davis moves on to 3 sets of 5 on a bench press. “It’s very difficult for me today,” she said. “I warn you not to try this house. I have stopped crying!”

She pushes the sport with 3 sets of 8 military presses, 3 sets 5 dead elevators and 3 hammer curves with a hammer. And after 85 minutes, she was done. “The session is good,” she says, “but the two whole things are different. It’s new to me.”

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