Facebook is looking to put more virtual reality technology, the Oculus Quest 2, into fitness, and announced the launch yesterday. The new package is designed to help our customers use the headset optimally while working.

“We’re working with supervisors and facial cleansers to make Quest 2 a little stronger,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, during Facebook Connect Livestream 2021.

Zuckerberg explains how the company’s VR technology helps individuals exercise at home.

“Many of you are using Quest to stay true to yourself. It allows you to work in a completely new way. It’s kind of like Peloton, but instead of a bike you only have a VR headset, and with it you can do anything from boxing, sword to dance … I think we see a lot. Special exercises around fitness that benefit from full baptism and interactive training. ”

Earlier this week, the company announced plans to make a name for itself Meta To bring the apps and technologies under one company brand.

Why is it important?

This ad shows that Facebook continues to explore fitness. This is not the first time FANNG has done this. Apple watches, for example, have a long history of tracking fitness standards, and even include De Novo. 2018 for ECG monitoring featureE. Apple has also released a subscription-based platform for in-house sports Fitness + It can be paired in an Apple Watch.

In September, Amazon launched the Halo Fitness Tracking Line with a new wearable, the Hello view, And fitness classes, places itself as Apple’s competitor.

In the meantime, Google has acquired Fitbit, a fitness-focused wearable.

The biggest trend

Facebook has been interested in the healthcare space for some time. A.D. When he started in the virtual reality sector in 2014, he took over a virtual reality gaming company Oculus more than $ 2 billionThe VR headphones that the technology company is investigating are not the only wearables.

In July New England Journal of Medicine Published results a A UCSF study supported by FacebookThe multimodal electrode implantation of the surgeon allows the speech-impaired and paralyzed person to communicate with the speech-impaired part of the brain.

Facebook is working on a wrist-based electromyography device that says the user’s finger is trying to move in a certain way and that can translate that into digital commands.