The Expo 2020 Fitness Center is a great place for Expo 2020 staff and Dubai residents to finish their workouts.

The site covers an area of ​​5,400 square meters and offers great sports, fitness and safety activities to promote fitness as a way of life.

Located next to the Gateway, the magnificent gym has a state-of-the-art gym, five-sided soccer field, basketball, netball, volleyball and tennis. It also has an international fitness standard with daily lessons to keep your heart beating. Many yoga and fitness sessions are being held here with the professional trainers involved in the participants’ exercise.

Expo 2020 employee Arif Khan said they should report to work by 8 p.m., but arrived an hour earlier for exercise.

I was a little worried that my exercise would hurt, but the Exhibition 2020 administration had it all set for fitness enthusiasts.

We are given many responsibilities to keep our health free and to be very grateful. We are very happy to have a special event in the center, ”he added.

Mohamed Saif, a Jordanian who works with Expo Tours, is very excited about the event at Fitness Hub Expo 2020.

“I have been playing football every day for almost six years.

Sword: “The football field is amazing, and my other players are very encouraging to learn from them.

Some employees say they are used to coming to the fitness center during their weekends to play sports.

Ashis Dar, who lives in Dubai Investment Park, visited the exhibition venue in early October and was a regular visitor to the mega event.

“I bought an expo passport to find out what the event was about, but when I saw the fitness center, I ran to the station every day to work.”

“The activities there are great and I have learned a lot of new exercises which will benefit me in the future.”

Hajiirah works in the evening from the Pavilion and Exhibition team at the exhibition. She and her colleagues received training for a significant amount of time.

“The Fitness Center was a great place for a quick workout before or after our workout when we presented the mega event.”

The venue is the best venue for fitness and recreation, says Humanh, who works at the Sustainability pavilion. She and her colleagues are participating in government games and the training is being held at the Exhibition 2020 Fitness Center.

“I came here with my family for the first time and I was a regular visitor here … This place is used for government games and team building and various trainings.”

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