The fitness industry, like many others, was encouraged by the epidemic. The good news is that a Survey by McKinsey, 68% of people prioritize their health after the outbreak. The industry is recovering, but it is completely improving.

In response, a number of entrepreneurs emerged. Peloton glass. Tonal. No wonder these seem normal. But they represent only one end of a spectrum, home gym.

On the other hand, he is a different kind of entrepreneur. Like creativity, but you want them out of your house And Outside the gym.

Remote work and the desire to be abroad have created new hopes for what any experience should be. This is where we find fitness entrepreneurs like Coach Santi, the founder. GX3 FitCampCreates not only indoor / outdoor gym but also special equipment.

Entrepreneurs like Santi have been promoting physical activity long before the outbreak. So, the plague affected them in a different way because many of them already think differently. I had the opportunity to interview Santi and learn about everything from space and ideas, from manufacturing, to the future of fitness.

Chaka Baker What leads to your fitness approach?

Coach Santi Dege- He told me that my experience in the gym was lacking. Physical activity did not support the exercise I wanted. Some are very small and feel congested. If the gym is too big, you will not be able to quickly switch between different exercises. It solves that indoors / outdoors. It’s small to customize, but it feels spacious. I trained people at the local gym but I could not record because the management did not allow it. But I wanted to market videos. I solved that first with outdoor sports, and then with my own indoor / outdoor space. As an entrepreneur, you are sometimes solving a small problem, but this leads to a big idea.

Notebook How can a fitness entrepreneur identify in a well-established industry?

Santi Ask yourself, “What exercise do I want to do more, but for some reason I can’t?” It was sand for me. Beach fitness activities. Therefore, the GX3 has a large sandbox area which you can not do in any other way to strengthen the muscles and tendons. I suggest looking for a place but go extensively in that area. Many of our physical activities are focused on strengthening the individual. That may seem narrow. But in it, I train athletes, rehabilitate, lose weight and build strength, work with youth teams and lead couples’ sports. I too wanted peace. Exercise should be hard but being outside brings mental balance. Mental-body communication is important, and our environment influences that.

Notebook How has the epidemic affected your business?

Santi I don’t see this coming, so working hard is an opportunity. I started this before the outbreak and until the plague brought people back. Before the plague, there were people who preferred “social distance.” They did not like crowded places. I wanted a more flexible place, and to be successful in an uncertain time, you need flexibility. That is a lesson in life, but it is also a lesson in business.

Notebook You not only train but also make custom building materials. Why stay away from your main job?

Santi He did not see it that way. When I train clients, I see a better way to do things, but I often can’t find a solution in the market. So, I started creating my own products. If I don’t have a special place, none of them will. For me, being a fitness entrepreneur is like being a scientist. Jim is my lab. It allows me to test prototypes and explore ideas in real time.

Notebook What did you learn about manufacturing equipment?

Santi It is very important to share your vision. But finding a manufacturer who is open to your views and who gives you feedback is the key to making great products. I like flirting. Always do a thorough inspection of your product before spending large sums of money. Find a manufacturer that allows you to run small runs. Do not force your manufacturer to place large orders when your product is not tested to see if your product is in demand. It is important to have a manufacturer that does not create just one product because you need a specific approach. If they see a better way to build it, they should bring it to your attention.

Notebook What are some of the mistakes you made?

Santi Moving very fast. The motto in the technology industry is “Move fast and collect things”. You have to be careful with this idea. I hurried to market a product without spending time, and then I realized it needed to be changed, and I spent money to improve it. If I had been patient, I would have used my GX3 “laboratory” the way I should have, and I would have saved time and money when I received feedback.

Notebook Are there any tips on patents or licensing?

Santi Test and test. Try it on different people. The more practical your product, the more creative you can be. Ownership of both utility and design patents on the same product strengthens the protection of your product and gives you the bargaining power if you decide to license your product.

Notebook Where is the fitness industry heading in the next five years?

Santi Real estate is changing, so it changes how we think about space. People are already experimenting with places like gas stations and converting them into indoor / outdoor gym, which will continue. When you break a gym outside of the concept of a room with a machine, you start breaking other things. So first you are lifting the walls to create space. But because the place is different, you start thinking about changing the device. Who knows where it will lead? But as I said, successful entrepreneurs start to solve a problem and end up with a bigger idea.

The conversation has been edited and added to make it clearer.