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Have you ever felt bored with your daily routine and thought it was your own? Fitness Can the regimen hit it on the plate? If the answer is yes, then you have probably been doing the same exercise for a long time. Similarly, if you plan to expand your physical activity, include a mix Exercise It will help you achieve your fitness goals better and at the same time be more independent.

If you are on the ship, here are some inspirations. Mandira Bedie.

The actress, who recently took part in her daily activities, shared how easy it is to exercise at home if you are different and mix things up a bit.

“There’s #work at home and then there’s #sports at home. And when you have differences and you can mix things up a little bit, that makes it easier. I’ve got a good workout and I’ll keep track of my progress when I go!” She mentioned it in an Instagram post.

For those who do not know, Spinning Or indoor cycling, a type of physical activity that focuses on endurance, strength, gaps, maximum strength and recovery using a heavy-duty tire.

Why is diversity important in exercise?

According to Dr. Richards Cullcarni, Senior Consultant Physiotherapist, KINESIS-Sports Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Clinic, Pune is scientifically recommended for adults, five hours of moderate-intensity exercise per week or 2.5 hours of intense exercise or a combination of the two.

Depending on the individual’s age and health, a good balance of aerobic and strength training can be combined with flexible exercise.

Variables play a big role in optimizing yours in terms of strength, durability, and frequency in the type of exercise Exercise.

How to increase diversity?

* Can increase the number of settings or repetitions.
* Can try and increase exercise time.
* Reduce the rest between them Exercises.
* Increase resistance by using body weight, kettle bell, medicine ball, etc.
* Slow down or speed up the movement.
* Try higher Intense physical activity Full body tone with one full day and the next day.

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