Here is what we know so far: Build for a week for the festival, For the problem that arose during the event after the current tragedy One of the deadliest concerts in American history. When this story is available, it will be updated with new headlines.

The festive atmosphere

Nearly 50,000 people flocked to NRG Park on Friday for the two-day festival. Minutes entered. Scott’s first collection began to crowd And the festival crowd clung together, some could not breathe and others were trampled. Overcrowding can lead to life-threatening health problems. Needs urgent medical care.

Showed social media posts. Begging with concert staff to stop the show and help other fallen people. But their cries were ignored.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner told the media about the events at Astroworld the night before Saturday, November 6, 2021, outside the Wyndham Hotel in Houston.

Elizabeth Conley, Houston Chronicle / Staff Photographer

Eleven of the two dozen people admitted to the hospital had a heart attack. HPP Police Chief Troy Finner said a security guard was hit in the neck before he lost consciousness, although it was not clear if he was a target. The crash of Investigates the deaths of the eight as to how the accident happened And it explains how dangerous and lethal population growth can be.

Houston Chronicle analysis found Scott resumed work 37 minutes after the “mass injury” incident was reported.

Astroworld had a 56-page “event plan” that outlined who could stop performance and how to deal with mass damage – but It is unclear if the advertisers followed any of these plans.

Federal investigators in Houston provided assistance; It is unclear, however, whether Houston police requested or received the help.

Past security breaches

The concert Behind the scenes, Live Nation has experienced a number of tragedies in the past. A.D. At least 750 people have been killed and at least 200 injured in events in seven countries since 2006. The company is under federal control for occupational safety and anti-trust violations.

The company’s stock fell on Monday.

Scott’s response

Many Petitions for Scott to be removed from upcoming concerts He said that they have started distributing it online. Scott has reportedly left ahead of this weekend’s An-Vegas Festival. It is also expected to be given Full refund for all Astroworld participants And He promised to cover all funeral expenses for the victims.

Scott made an emotional video on Saturday On Instagram, he promised to help Houston police with the investigation and apologized to the families of those who lost their loved ones. Her pregnant girlfriend Kylie Jenner spoke in a separate Instagram post. She and Scott did not know of any deaths until the end of the concert.

Scott has been the target of social media attacks that have questioned and highlighted the sincerity of his apology The story of the riots during the concerts. Some have blamed the Houston Rapper for his careless conduct at past concerts, while others have called for Scott to be banned from concerts for the rest of his life.


Charges have begun to emerge against Scott and the festival organizers. Lawyers predict “hundreds of millions of damages” and claims from holiday visitors.

The charges filed early Sunday include A 35-year-old Houston man has been trampled At the event.

at least 34 additional participants filed lawsuits or planned to sueHe asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that one family member had been killed.

Hip-hop artist Drake has been named in a number of cases. One accused the rapper, who performed a spectacular show of helping the crowd “out of control.” Drake made a statement On Monday night, he wished the victims and their families well.

The victims

Chronicles worked to identify some victims and share their stories. up to date, Eight people were confirmed dead, all under 30.

Landon White on Saturday, November 6, 2021, hoisted a shirt in memory of the victims of last night's Astrolem Music Festival in Houston.
Landon White on Saturday, November 6, 2021, hoisted a shirt in memory of the victims of last night’s Astrolem Music Festival in Houston.John Shapley / Staff Photographer

they Include 16-year-old Heights High School junior Brian and RodriguezWho loves to dance; 23 years Former Sai-Fair Encourager Madison Dubiski. And 27 years The world is for his younger brother Denmark.

Authorities say an autopsy has been completed for the eight people killed. The cause and cause of death are being investigated.

Memorial of the lost human life at the festival It quickly appeared on NRG over the weekend.

Days later, some seriously injured audiences are still struggling to save their lives. They are a The 22-year-old Texas A&M University senior And a 9-year-old boy in a coma due to treatment Injury to internal organs of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Here’s how they can help victims and their families With funeral expenses and medical bills.

From music critics

Joy Gira, a longtime music critic of The Chronicle, was at the event and was one of the journalists who regularly covered the tragedy. Here he writes about his first hand experience on the show, and How the accident changed his attitude to live music.

The joy of the Chronicles presents these Concert Safety Tips for Parents.

Tragedy at Astroworld Festival

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