Event flow Brands made its third purchase in a month Xtrim, Four-year-old E-Commerce Digital-first brand in sports and fitness accessories.

Founded earlier Uber In 2021, Evenflow will bring together third-party vendors on e-commerce platforms such as FlipCart. Amazon. It finds online market sellers in the $ 200 k-1.5 million range per brand.

Xtrim Baby brand BabyPro and Rusabl is the third purchase of Evenflow in three weeks after the online brand in the Daily Sustainability category.

“As people become healthier and work outdoors becomes a new standard, the sports and fitness category has grown exponentially. It’s an amazing addition to portfolios. We have a vision to build this to a higher level. Sports and fitness accessories trademark e-commerce Cut and launch innovative products aimed at Indian consumers, ”said Utssav Agar, co-founder and CEO of Evenflow.

The company said it had received Xtrim EBITDA in advance, with several reviews and performance revenues spread over three years.

Xtrim sells sports, fitness and outdoor accessories such as gym gloves, wrist straps, belts and more. A.D. Xtrim, which was founded in 2016 by Fisherman Ali and Satish Kumer, also has a manufacturing division, which is not part of the purchase agreement.

Sports retail is the worst market in India, growing at an annual CAGR of 12%, and customer engagement is expected to reach 20% over the next three years. The segment is highly unorganized, with very few Indian brands selling at affordable prices, and premium global brands dominate the organized sports retail market.

With the purchase of Xtrim, Evenflow said it aims to create a strong and affordable home brand that attracts not only Indian consumers but also international audiences.

“The idea behind Brand Xtrim is to offer world-class fitness products that are basically ‘made in India’ and compete with the best in the world. They expect to use those with knowledge of Evenflow knowledge and the full potential of Xtrim, ”said Ali and Kumer, co-founders of Xtrim.

Evenflow Xtrim expects India’s top 20x-selling Indian sportswear brand over the next 3-4 years. A.D. It expects the brand to grow five times by 2022.

Unlike other Thrasio-styl rollups that focus on D2C brands, Evenflow is focused on third-party vendors in the marketplace and earns EBITDA duplicates rather than revenue. Evenflow is attracting third-party e-commerce sellers with attractive product portfolios and aims to establish strong brands in several categories in e-commerce.