Vital’s new policyholders can avail of the discount on their purchase of MI fitness band.

One Stop Healthcare Insurance Platform, Vital, in partnership with MI, offers its customers complete health coverage and special discounts on fitness bands.

From monthly registration 299, Vital General and Personal Health Plans such as Health Insurance (up to 50,000) with CVD-19 treatment, full body health check, pharmacy benefits (25% off drug discount), unlimited telecommunications, diet counseling, fitness classes and discount vouchers According to the press release 1000 on MI fitness bands. Vital new policyholders can take advantage of this offer when purchasing MI fitness bands.

MRI band users can get many fitness benefits and expect to be hospitalized if they are not protected. Utilizing Vital Benefits rewards members in the form of health points that allow them to pay a registration fee.

According to Jay Matthews, co-founder and co-founder of Vital, “With our best-in-class comprehensive fitness training sessions, nutrition counseling and health benefits, members can save even more. Take care of 10,000 and their health at an affordable price each year.

Convenient and pocket-friendly plans have a simple and extremely hassle-free claim process to manage, Vital said. With the new digital age experience of purchasing a health plan, reviewing coverage, filing claims or providing health services, the company will assign a separate care manager for each member to provide immediate support on insurance claims.

Xiaomi India, head of IoT ecosystem products, has introduced India to the wearable series and Xiaomi has been the No. 1 fitness band for the past 7 years. Amazing success and selling over 7 million units in India is a testament to the superiority of our band in this market segment. We are pleased to partner with Vital and are focusing on providing comprehensive security and timely interventions. Through this association and our partnerships, we can provide a more comprehensive health and safety plan that is comfortable, pocket-friendly and hassle-free. Health is a major concern and we are confident that our users will be able to make the best of this opportunity.

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