England’s Jason Roy reacts in pain during the T20 World Cup match against  South Africa on Saturday.

England are looking forward to the presence of Jason Roy for the rest of the T20 World Cup. England will play their first semi-final match on Wednesday in Abu Dhabi.

Roy, one of England’s key bat players, met a calf in his last Super 12 match against South Africa in Shajaja on Saturday.

Roy, who helped him out of the field after 20 runs, was in tears as he returned to the pit. At the end of the match, he was seen clapping with opponents.

The 31-year-old went for a scan on Sunday, A spokesman for the British team said the report could be made in the next 24 hours.

“If Roy is out of the game, it will definitely be a big blow to England and it will affect the morale of the dressing room,” agreed captain Ion Morgan. “He (Jason) is incredibly important. He is the one who describes everything and the game in the dynamic room.

Not only T 20 cricket but also more than 50 cricket can be seen at the top of the order. The conversion room is as close as you can imagine.

We all hope that He will come somehow or that there is a solution to it, except in one game. It hurts the dressing room so that no one misses the final stages of the race, ”said Morgan after England’s 10-year defeat to Protes.

That said, England has a number of backup options in Roy’s absence. One of the waiters, James Vines, could be in the squad, along with Johnny Barista, Liam Livingston, David Malan and Moein Ali to step up to the midfield and open with Jose Butler.

“I’m sorry when it comes to Jason, but England have other bats. Someone like Johnny Barsto can do a good job at the top of the order. After winning, he made it to the last four.

Depth in a team

Prior to the uncertainty surrounding Roy, England lost Packer Timal Mills, who suffered a thigh injury in last week’s match against Sri Lanka in Sharjah. Curran with pacer Jofra Arker.

Yet, they remain one of their favorite characters to win the crown, and they all go deep into their team.

“… You go by names that are not here due to injury or other reasons, so you go through Stokes, Sam Koran, Timal and now Jason.

“You really look back at the time you examined and tried to build a great team, and I’m sitting here. Thank you for doing that because we need those people in the next game or the last game,” Morgan said.