Breaks can lead to a quick table setting up to the right run.

Published Sunday, November 21, 2021, 2 p.m., 13 p.m.

Last modified: Sunday, November 21, 2021, 2 p.m., 18 p.m.

‘Exercise breaks’ during working hours can help boost employees’ morale and productivity, a senior official said. Such breaks can lead to rapid table setting and proper running. “Especially since many of them work long hours at the table” reduce the risk of employees living a sedentary lifestyle.

In an interview with the Khalid Times about the ongoing Dubai fitness test, Iman al-Madani, CEO, corporate social responsibility, responsible business center, Dubai Chamber, suggested how such breaks can help.

  • Employees returning from a break from exercise are more focused and focused, which improves their motivation and productivity.

  • Building a healthy work environment fosters a culture of awareness and healthy practices among employees, which in turn reflects their overall health and productivity.

  • Studies show that following a sedentary lifestyle can reduce stress and increase physical activity during work hours.

What companies can do to mobilize employees

Al Madani said there are many ways companies can encourage their employees to engage in fitness activities.

“Employers can provide exercise and after-hours awareness training and reward active participants,” she said.

She said the Dubai Fitness Test “can be seen by employees wearing special goggles and training wherever they want” by adding more fitness sessions.

Employees’ work schedules may be more flexible, “giving more options to work when they agree.”

A more general approach can promote ways to improve sleep and nutrition. And so does mental health.

As a test partner and participant, the Dubai Chamber hosted a number of events for staff.

“We start by examining the needs of the staff and then planning the events accordingly. We always make sure that the activities meet everyone’s needs and abilities,” she said. “We organize activities during and after work throughout the month.”

Hosted events include a walk to Wadi Hilo; Laser tag game in the office yard; Boxing units; Healthy lifestyle talks; And distribute healthy snacks to each employee.

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The evolution of fitness test since 2017

“The technology used to monitor activities is improving every year, the use of social media to promote this phenomenon is increasing. It is also increasing every year and the exchange of physical activity and places is unique to Expo 2020,” said Al Madani.

Al-Madani also had a message for those who had not yet passed the test: “Try it – you will be amazed at what you can achieve and you will enjoy a friendship and a sense of humor.”