Don't let Diwali celebrations throw you off the fitness wagon

Vishnu Venugopal

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Diwali? Good times with family, great food, sweets, Diwali parties መካከል In the midst of happiness, we hear jokes about how Diwali season is responsible for weight gain. Statements such as ‘It’s Diwali now and it’s going to be Christmas soon – so I’ll be back on track with the fitness website’ are very common around this time.

If you are thinking the same line, think again! You are procrastinating or instead stay on a healthy diet and exercise for 2 months. This is 16% of the year.

But can a healthy lifestyle be compared to holidays? When confronted with such questions, remind yourself that the key to long-term success is a healthy mindset. This is not a first or last day diet or exercise program. They are eating and exercising on the path to life.

There is no doubt that all the delicacies are presented at home, and the festivals are a special occasion. And I’m saying that when some of you take that extra peda or lado, you go on a guilty journey.

Not only do you feel guilty for allowing this to happen, but you may fear that these choices will undermine your efforts to shape you. Sounds familiar?

Here are some ways in which having a good time can help you.

Control your diet

Control the foods you can first. So, just because there are so many desserts in the house doesn’t mean you have to have sweets to wash every meal. Control the foods you control. Make a plan for the foods you can afford. Have that sweet bite, not the whole box.

Eat slowly, check your room size

Eat your food slowly. Eating slowly is the number one way to limit the amount of food you can control. It’s very simple. So, while you are enjoying an amazing broadcast on Diwali, the amount of food you eat will have a big impact on you. Eat slowly, have regular service and be safe.

Remember how much you eat

Sign in with your plan for most meals. However, since time is of the essence, be sure to allow for both flexibility and forgiveness by being realistic about the promises you place on yourself.

What keeps you going is the constant participation of Diwali treatments. And you only get here when you allow yourself to ignore the choices you make and the impact on your body and emotions. Give yourself permission to enjoy! The more you think, the less likely you are to overeat.

Do not stop exercising

Do not skip exercise just because it is Diwali. However, do not consider exercise as a way to burn calories. If you choose to make some extra cardio to compensate for Diwali calories, it represents a relationship that does not work with food and exercise. Exercise because this is part of your lifestyle, exercise to stay healthy, exercise to stay strong.

Return to trail post Diwali

There are only so many you can control during the holidays. But instead of looking forward to the New Year, get back on track with exercise and a healthy diet immediately after Diwali. In all cases, a good portion of the weight gain you see after a few large meals will be water weight. As long as you don’t let that get in your head and return to your normal physical activity, you will be back on track in a week’s time by eating plenty of home-made foods and making sure you get enough water and sleep.

After nearly two decades of epidemics, we deserve these celebrations and associated joys. But be careful.

The author is the co-founder and head of production at Alpha Coach and writes a fortnightly fitness column for