• A new study from the American College of Rheumatology shows that virtual exercise can help relieve pain, stiffness, and fatigue in people with musculoskeletal disorders.
  • The Special Surgery Hospital offers virtual low-intensity, safe exercises for adults such as Yoga, Pilates and Tachi due to the CVD-19 epidemic.
  • Twice a week for six weeks, participants reported improvement in pain, strength, and fatigue.

    if so Coronavirus outbreak You turned to magnification. Exercise at home Instead of the gym, we have good news for you. Long-distance exercise classes are amazing for your health and can help relieve pain, strength and fatigue New research.

    Those who experience musculoskeletal conditions, such as Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid arthritisAnd research has shown that osteoporosis is less common when you regularly participate in online exercise classes. 2021 Annual Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology. Of Cleveland Clinic It is said that musculoskeletal disorders affect bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues.

    As 2020 U.S. Health Rating System, 26% of adults are physically inactive — especially adults over the age of 65. The researchers found that physical inactivity was particularly harmful to people with musculoskeletal disorders.

    In March 2020, the CVD-19 epidemic claimed many lives Hospital for Special Surgery They turned the 60-minute exercise class into a long-distance workout. Low-intensity classes such as Pilate, yoga, and so on Thai Chi They are all highlighted and designed to increase in-house activity, social interaction, and program access. In addition, HSS increased the frequency of classes and took time to connect participants before class.

    “The epidemic disrupted many aspects of daily life, such as physical activity and contact with friends and family.” Titilio Ologobo, MPHDirector of HSS Outcomes and Data Analysis and author of the study a Press release. “Unfortunately, there are older people who are at greater risk of developing serious health problems during this time, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and depression. Health care delivery is constantly changing, but given the impact of the lock, it is important to adapt quickly to virtual programs, especially for vulnerable seniors.

    To determine the effectiveness of these virtual sessions, researchers measured the success of the program through an online survey of participants before and after exercise. The survey assessed their socio-demographic and self-reported health outcomes in terms of pain, pain interventions, exercise, strength, fatigue, physical activity, and self-confidence.

    Ologobo said in a press release: “We need to know that virtual fitness classes are effective for seniors because it provides ongoing access to these services, makes them feel more comfortable at home and reduces stigma.

    Nearly 7,000 members have been reassigned to fitness classes, and 355 have completed the survey. Of those surveyed, 161 reported muscle pain and pain reduction by 5% and pain intervention by 7%. Walking Ability, fatigue is reduced by 8%, and the strength of the joints is reduced by 5% every six weeks – one step in the right direction!

    Thirty-three participants (twice a week for six weeks) improved pain, fatigue, strength, and ability to perform daily activities. 33 The pain decreased by 11%, the strength decreased by 12%, the fatigue by 9%, and the interference with pain in daily activities decreased by 9% (this includes general levels of activity, mood, ability to walk, regular activity). , Relationships with others, sleep and the joy of life).

    Researchers have finally found that people with musculoskeletal disorders can include safe and low-intensity imaginative exercises in their daily activities to improve their physical and mental health (access to the most important social interactions). Particularly during the CVD-19 epidemic, researchers have generally shown that switching to a virtual platform makes it more accessible. Feelings of loneliness Or exclusion, and increase access to health programs.

    So if you are on the verge of entering that magnificent Tai Chi or Obe Yoga class, it may be worth the time. Even if you don’t feel joint pain, that’s 60 minutes Exercise can improve your mood.– Really!

    Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider before starting any exercise program. You can find low impact, virtual sessions through websites like. HSS, Ob fitness, Thai Chi Foundation, Yoga practices, More.

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