Disha Methi Khandelwal

Hyderabad mourn Dance is classical, mixed or modern – art but certainly not everyone’s tea. And when it comes to choosing a career, even a few people do. Disha Matty Candelwal is different from the ‘few’ category.

CA With academic choices, she dropped out of school to pursue a career in dance. In addition, she uses dance as a means of exercise and has used others not only in dance but also in physical activity. So far, she has trained more than 500 people and recently opened her own DMK in Banjara Hills.

Although she began practicing dance at the age of 13, she completed her master’s degree in applied finance at St. Francis Women’s College in Begumpe before deciding to pursue her dream. “It all started when I was following CA. Although I excelled academically, my heart was always on the dance floor. But my parents asked me to finish the course. But after finishing my master’s degree, I decided to drop out of CA and focus on dance, ”says Disha, who trains more than 80 people every day.

I started as a freelancer and trained staff and participants in Sanget activities. Later, I started receiving calls from people to train them personally. Because the epidemic was a major challenge for many, I began conducting online classes that allowed a small number of interested people from other countries to try my education. ”

Disha, who has done more than 2,500 workouts so far, focuses on feeding her clients. “What kind of food we eat also plays a big role; not only exercise but also daily activities help the person in the long run,” said Disha. Make sure they have the right amount of food and exercise to help them stay and make their home better, ”she added.

To make her Zumba sessions enjoyable, Disha will challenge the ’24-day commitment’ and inspire her clients to follow the exercise. “I make sure my client comes up with a variety of concepts to make the day go well. I am particularly impressed with the songs I chose and the steps he took to practice them under the coach of Sucheta Pal.

She also plans to open studios in a few other locations.
Parts, however, cannot travel to Banjara Hills.