One of the most sought after items during the outbreak was a face mask and hand sanitizer. Peloton Bicycles. According to JP Morgan, Peloton sold nearly $ 1.8 billion in 2020, up 100% from last year. But this year he told a different story.

On Tuesday, the company announced a $ 1 billion share price, following last week’s sell-off in the first quarter of 2022. Some see Peloton. Slide Like the end of home gym, but Texas-based Personal justice The company argues that it is still a good time to invest in the home fitness equipment sector.

“We think Peloton has done a good job of entering the homes but we think they are over-selling,” said Edward Crawford, president of Texas-based Coltala Holdings. Private companies in essential services, manufacturing and healthcare services. “The best thing about Peloton is that he creates a lot of indoor gym on Cowid. But the company we are investing in sells 95% of the surface around the bike.

Coltala Holding has closed the purchase of three fitness equipment companies with 23 retail outlets and a national share of the business. The amount of investment is not specified. The new company, Myfitnessstore.comIt is the second largest independent fitness equipment distributor in the US.

Simon Cigel, a BMO Capital Markets analyst who is following Peloton, agrees with Crawford. “I think this is important to remember; Peloton has been the same for a long time Fitness at home. ” “Not Only That”

Siegel believes the outbreak was really bad for Peloton. “The Peloton administration has seen the growth of the epidemic, which has led to high costs, and has invested in their company as if it would last forever,” he said. “At the same time, a high profile has helped Peloton competitors to elevate themselves.”

One source of competition is coming from affordable gym chains. Planet Fitness. On November 4, Planet Fitness released a strong earnings report. For the third quarter of 2021, the company’s revenue grew 46.4% to $ 154.3 million. “We are emerging stronger than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Chris Rondew, chief executive of Planet Fitness. “In the third quarter, we went back to the positive system-wide, similar store sales growth and saw the highest consecutive net growth in the third quarter of company history.”

Rondeau said the company had recently reached 15 million members, which is 97.7% of pre-epidemic rates. According to the Policy Advisory Fitness Industry Statistics, nearly 60 million Americans were members of the gym and worked regularly in 2019. The same report states that 70% of gym respondents will miss going to the gym before the outbreak.

“Like most things in life, this balance is key,” said Ralph Manning, CEO of Coltala. “What I observed in the gym, I still need that friend. And I want to go to the gym two or three times a week, but not every day. It is a big deal to work at home and save time and to move back and forth. He had the best of both worlds. ”

“It’s still young, growing up and never going back, but I don’t think it controls the gym,” he said. [there is] He will be the winner. “