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In late August, Peloton introduced the feature of real-time translations to its live fitness classes. Today the company Revealed A little more about what went into developing this feature and how you ended up with the amazing Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) capabilities using Microsoft Spiral Cognitive Services.

“Automated speech recognition software may never be as accurate as a human editor but it is getting closer and closer.” Blog post Explains on the official Peloton website. “Microsoft is laying the groundwork for building a custom ASR on basic models. We have used this functionality to customize Peloton’s unique and fitness-related discourse. We are also using Microsoft APIs and tools to permanently train and update the models used in speech recognition.”

Peloton had subtitles for their desired video sections, but they were all handwritten and checked for errors before they were published. Generating instant translations for live broadcasts can be a bit of a gamble because the software used to generate the text must have a strong understanding of the special lingo used.

The special language used in Peloton’s live rooms was a major obstacle. “Suppose we are given a five-digit number such as” five, four, two, one, five. ” Example “Resisting up to twenty. Are we talking about 2030 or 20-30? This is why we can’t rely on box solutions if we are not specific to the model.

Although many Microsoft databases around the world have helped solve this problem, speed has been a concern. “We found that Azure APIs were deployed in many data centers around the world. By the end of Peloton, we had tested the translation services for dozens of live episodes to ensure that our service, combined with calls to Azure APIs, did not add to our live stream.”

Peloton has been a hero in the fitness industry for some time due to his famous smartphone, but it looks like a hurricane is on the horizon. Earlier today The company cut its annual revenue forecast by $ 1 billion This resulted in up to 50% of its reserves. not good.

Peloton's Guide
Peloton’s Guide

In more positive news, however, Peloton did Announced this week They release a smart camera designed to monitor strength. The product, the Peloton Guide, works on how Kintech did it with Xbox One fitness games and apps like Xbox Fitness and Dance Central Spotlight. However, from A recent Sky Glass TV camera that uses Microsoft Kinect technology, Peloton’s guide looks like a completely different product.

Peloton’s policy is to be released in 2022.

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