November 21, 2021 at 10 a.m. 09 p.m.

The benefits of dance fitness extend from self-confidence to improved cognitive abilities in all areas of life. When you choose dance skills as your sport, you are guaranteed to receive additional mental health benefits that do not preclude other sports.

Working those brain cells

Mental health has been on the rise in recent years. Numerous studies show that dancing can greatly improve your mental health by testing your brain at different levels.

Rapidly copying the movements we see, matching the melody and remembering the patterns of movement challenges our brain to create new neural pathways.

The deepest mental test in dance is the practice of repeating the same melodies over and over again in many parts of the body, allowing us to return to normal memories without much effort.

At the same time, adding more complexity to the movements and making small changes from one room to another will still refresh the presentation and create new connections between brain cells.

Swing more easily and favorably

Coordination and balance go hand in hand. As your coordination increases, so does your balance. With dance exercises you can dramatically improve your ability to use all parts of the body in a smooth and elegant way.

Repetition and practice are magical words when you think of improving coordination and balance. As you follow through on the dance floor, you will develop all of your cognitive abilities while copying your teacher’s activities.

And with each section you take, you’ll be able to interpret the movements faster, and your sense of balance will improve.

Balance and coordination are physical abilities, but when it comes to mental health, they also play a big role. Feeling more relaxed, ground-based and controlling your movements can have a direct effect on how good your skin feels.

Cordula Neckerman, from Hamsted
– Credit: Cordula Neckermann

Dancing is a moving meditation.

Meditation Traditionally sitting and silent does not necessarily work for everyone. But through dance you can achieve the positive effects of meditation. The first step toward meditation is to stop wandering and concentrate on the moment.

When you study dance fitness, you soon realize that you do not have much brains to think about other than movement and music. Creating a one-point focus allows your mind to be involved in only one thing, and your other worries are eliminated.

Being able to release and disappear in the music and movement requires some practice. At the mental health level, quitting and focusing on the present moment can be a daunting task.

Excessive perfectionism can have a devastating effect on mental health. The practice of letting go of perfection in the dance class has a positive effect on your daily life as well as your mental health, remembering that moving forward is sometimes more important than perfection.

Behavior, self-confidence and the power of expression

Position, self-confidence and expression are closely intertwined in dance as well as in life. Increases self-confidence and the ability to express your thoughts and feelings to others.

Think of the dance floor as a testing ground to express yourself. The music has a stimulating effect on us. Maintaining our posture while our feet are twisting … This can be very important not only on the dance floor but also in dealing with everyday life.

Side effects may include falling in love with your exercise routine.

We can fall in love again and again. There are so many types. Dance skills always have something new to offer.

When you love your workout, you will be happier, more frequent, and in return happy, healthy and mentally fit.

If you have a dance error, join the Reck Club for a fun dance class. To book your place, visit or email me to set up a free trial room.

I can’t wait to dance with you soon!

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