Coltala Holdings, a Dallas-Fort Worth-based company, has acquired several of the state’s largest in-house fitness equipment retailers and is merging them under the new brand.

Coltala received Texas fitness marks Exercise, Exercise unlimited, Winston Fitness And based in Dallas-Fort Worth A busy person And Fitness Center Of the three families owned by an unknown amount.

Strengthening the outbreak comes by forcing consumers to suspend gym membership, create space at home, and focus on their physical activity in general. This has led to an increase in demand for indoor sports equipment, says Coltala, and Texas-based arms dealers are ready to sell their businesses.

“These three [families] They get to know each other and have worked together for years, so they are really looking forward to coming together, ”said Ralph Manning, co-founder and CEO of Coltala Holdings.

The global home fitness equipment market today is worth $ 10 billion, which is expected to reach $ 15 billion by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights. Much of the growth in indoor sports is being driven by companies that offer virtual fitness courses and smart fitness technologies such as Peloton, Tonal and Mirror – the trend Manning Coltala said.

Combined, fitness equipment brands include 23 retail locations throughout Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin.

Coltala looks for opportunities to expand integrated e-commerce services across residential and commercial customers, including hotels, businesses and apartment property managers who want to increase or improve gym facilities.

It also introduces a turn-key, pre-configured gym set-up space for homeowners.

“Peloton continues to be at the top of the battlefield but people are now building their own gym,” Crawford said.

Manning and his team at Coltalla did not provide revenue figures but said they intended to grow In the company of $ 100 million a year in the coming years. The board of directors includes two executives at Coltala Holdings – Manning and President Edward Crawford – and former Gold Gym CEO Brandon Bean.

Koltala invests in healthcare, manufacturing and other businesses, often acquiring a majority stake in the companies it acquires. In June, the holding company Acquired Choice Health at Home, a Tyler-based home health organization.