Major General Arvind Batia (retd) told News 18 that the National Defense Academy (NDA) is upgrading its infrastructure by installing strong enclosures, cabinets, additional bathrooms and strong security equipment to accommodate female cadres by mid-2022. Com.

Major General Battya, who was superintendent at HQ-IDS last month, oversaw the work of all three service institutions, administration, curriculum and other policies. Interventions.

In an interview with News, the veteran told the defense that the NDA will soon be accepting women’s cadets – a few years ago when science schools began accepting girls.

“As a natural development, female students graduating from science schools want to join the NDA. So we started to prepare. ”

In September this year, the Supreme Court ruled that women should join the NDA from this year, but not from next year.

He detailed the changes that need to be made to the female cadres in the NDA.

He added that when the women’s cadets join next year, various female educators, gynecologists, doctors and other support staff will be assigned.

Maj. Gen. Battya, a Class C teacher and later an IMA assistant, said in a separate panel in consultation with the three service headquarters that he was working on other methods to promote women’s cadets in the NDA – including reviewing what should be. Their fitness and medical parameters, such as height, weight, vision, and how different they may be from female officer trainees, Officer Training Academy (OTA), Chennai.

“Female officer cadets at OTA will join after graduation and may require some modification, but female NDA members will join after the 12th grade board exam at the age of 16-17,” he said.

Maj. Gen. Battya said the idea is to have 120-150 female cadres in the NDA in a timely manner in all six terms.

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At least 70 percent of the NDA’s officers’ cadets combine weapons into service – this includes infantry, armed men, and artefacts, which are not open to women in the armed forces.

He said the strength of male officers entering the defense service cannot be diminished, but general cadre management should work in all three services.

“It was a work in progress and it should be seen if there is any reduction in the amount of OTA Chennai imports to meet the admission of female cadets in the NDA,” he said, adding that this would be based on the NDA. The percentage of women who plan to promote the services.

The correct fitness standards for women’s cadets are less likely to be duplicated compared to the standards for male cadets because many of them may eventually be employed in difficult positions, which requires higher fitness standards.

He said the women’s team will have about eight months to join the NDA for the first time and that the recommendations will be approved by the committee officials after a thorough analysis and a final decision on all these issues.

“More joint training on the job”

He emphasized the need for greater coordination in the three countries’ military training, saying that all modern armed forces should work together and that this could only be done if the defense forces were trained together.

“If we are not together and trained, we will not be able to work together in times of war,” he said. For officers, but also for men.

According to the Veteran, the recommendations are being analyzed by HQ-IDS to explore ways to enhance integration in the Defense Forces.

According to for the first time, the study’s recommendations include training for the Armed Forces and joint training for junior commissioner officers (JCOs) and other three levels of service.

According to Maj. Gen. Batia, there are a few JSTIs currently operating in the areas of intelligence, law, music, and dining.

Plans to combine field resources, such as physical training and provost, were actively focused. This was to prevent duplication and to facilitate the manpower and other resources involved in training and managing the facilities that had previously been used separately, ”he said.

The Indian Defense University (IDU), which has yet to see the light, said it hoped it would soon get a parliamentary vote.

He said the importance of such a university was considered 40 years ago. “India has to have its own academic institution because all the rich soldiers have a National Defense University, which other military institutions can cooperate with,” he said.

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He said the university will cover areas related to national security, such as operational art, strategy, modern technology, defense management and research. – To work and act before the parliament.

‘Training did not hurt Kovid’

According to Maj. Gen. Battia, the Covenant epidemic has changed the way the defense forces think and train and has made some fundamental adjustments.

“One of the major positive aspects of the CV-19 is the acceleration of the use of information technology by the armed forces,” he said.

He explained that this was done by following a hybrid model of sending video conferences, virtual lectures, webinars, online lectures and more reading material to the authorities before they were delivered.

He also said that there were training sessions to prevent overcrowding and some other activities and activities such as major sports have been replaced by other activities in the training institutes.

For the first time, parents and guests have been barred from attending events such as passing the CV-19 precautionary measures.

“In the NDA, for example, during last year’s major epidemic, 300 support staff stayed at the academy to protect the campus from any virus transmission,” he said.

“Also, there was no longer rest and no summer break for the cadres in the winter to ensure that they were isolated once and that the training did not hurt,” he said.

“These adjustments have not had a negative impact on the newly elected cadres, although they have been shown to have a negative impact on national security,” he said.

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