Honolulu (KHON2) – It is important for many people to keep their bodies active as they get older, but that does not mean spending hours in the gym. GYMGUYZ is an in-house mobile personal training company, and their location in Honolulu has helped them with local kitchens.

Laura Sato, a resident of Manoah, found it difficult to turn around. The 89-year-old noticed that she had difficulty getting up and walking around the house for a while. She underwent ligaments on her right leg and did not use it properly.

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“I thought I was afraid to tread on my feet and I didn’t want to tread on him because the pain was so severe,” Sato said.

Sato then started doing simple in-house exercises with the coach GYMGUYZ. Debbie Kim Moricawa, owner of Franchozi’s Honolulu venue, is all about teaching kupuna how to better maintain their physical fitness and ultimately feel better.

“When we go to people’s homes, we can assess the environment, look at what people should do, and determine the type of exercise that will help them stay active throughout the day,” Moricawa said.

Even a small amount of exercise or activity can help keep a person in balance, just as changing one’s posture can help. Other exercises include standing water against the wall – this strengthens the muscles and increases stability.

“The general purpose of these exercises is to practice quads. So, here he practices his legs. We are doing the main exercise because she is pushing against the wall and adjusting her head; Now, let’s move on and strengthen the elbow, ”said Moricawa.

According to Moricawa, being in the kitchen can help.

“So when you wash your hands, tell people, just lift one leg,” Moricawa said. “He’s helping her build strength and develop the ability to lift her up.”

Morikia says she will challenge Kupuna but will not push anyone beyond their means.

Sato adds: “I find it best to get up and move. “I’m the only one who’s surprised; I can’t believe it. ”

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