LEWISTON – The Louisston-based Community Health Options, the state’s only non-profit, member-led health plan and national fitness campaign, has launched a state-of-the-art partnership to expand access to world-class outdoor fitness. The partnership will bring attractive and attractive outdoor fitness courts to communities in Maine in an ongoing effort to improve quality of life, promote mobility, and make fair outdoor fitness programs accessible to communities around the state.

NFC National Initiative aims to plan communities, provide financial support, and build security infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to fight preventable diseases and to give millions of Americans the option of healthy outdoor activities over the next decade.

“Swimmers are known for enjoying great outdoors. Our partnership with NFC allows many adult miners to exercise outdoors and maintain a healthy mind and body,” said Kevin Lewis, president and CEO of Health Options. Our vision of leadership is in line with the work of the NFC. “

In partnership with NFC, Health Choice Fitness Courts will be built in accessible public areas beginning in summer 2022. These fitness courts, combined with free digital sports activities through the Maine People Fitness app, provide community safety opportunities and free access to the outdoors. Fitness. The NFC Award-winning initiative is currently working on 500 plans.Th A healthy community is providing unprecedented and important foreign security programs across the United States and across the country.

Local communities will begin receiving NFC and Health Options funding applications on November 4 to support the construction of the Fitness Court. Eligible municipalities, schools and other accessible public housing organizations are encouraged to apply. Recipients will receive security tools and design resources to plan, fund, and launch an outdoor fitness court and community safety campaign. To learn more about the National Fitness Campaign and how you can qualify for financial support, visit out- www.nationalfitnesscampaign.com/maine.

“National Fitness Campaign is proud to host Community Health Options as a sponsor of Maine,” said NFC founder Mitch Menajed. “As this network of fitness courts grows in the state, it provides a wealth of resources to contribute to the important mission to fight obesity and improve health outcomes. We look forward to working with health options to make this campaign a great success.”