Y-windows and school colors give a special charm to the new fitness center at Jack Hunt Campus at Shelby Cleveland Community College.

Cleveland Community College has taken another step in entering college athletics.

On Monday, Cleveland Community College will host a grand opening for a multi-level fitness center for college athletes and emergency management courses.

The new fitness center at the Jack Hunt Campus at Shelby Cleveland Community College offers a variety of fitness activities for students and staff.

Located at the lowest point of the Jack Hunt Campus Center, where the college’s human resources offices are located, the fitness center has a high level of fitness bikes, stair lifts and other cardiovascular exercise equipment.

One floor below is covered with the college’s new blue and highlighter greens, with more than four stations each with four weights, allowing up to 16 people to work on the machines at a time. Outside of weights.

“You can get a few people working in there at the same time,” said Chris Nanny, director of college athletics.

The new fitness center at Cleveland Community College, Jack Hunt Campus Center, offers a variety of weight-bearing exercises.

The new facility is a major upgrade from the college’s previous offerings, which include some of the college’s low-end cardio machines and some light exercise equipment used in school gym programs.

According to Nani, the new facilities are a key part of recruiting athletes for college.

“When we have athletes on campus, we bring them to the fitness center and it’s not just weightlifting,” he said. “We’ve built the wall. We have photographs of athletes there. It’s painted blue with blue and highlighter.