Before the Covenant-19 epidemic, Cody Riggsby was little known on New York Fire Island. It was the Holy of Holies, which says, “My verse: a place where no one is known.” Peloton A teacher who has been encouraging users to climb virtual hills since 2014.

“Most of my demographic women in the 30’s and 50’s live in suburbs or Central America,” he said, noting that he sometimes visits his mother in North Carolina. There are not many people on the island of homosexuals.

Things changed when Kovid-19 hit. Peloton has grown significantly as people look for ways to stay healthy at home – from 1.6 million users to 5.9 million by June 2021.

Rigsby’s fame also echoed with people when he was unsure and unsure about his exciting teaching style.

This new reality came to Rigsby when he returned to Fire Island in the winter, and a year later he moved to Manhattan’s empty Peloton studio. Instead of the joyful anonymity he once enjoyed, people came to him to ask for a photograph. Sometimes there were celebrities.

“I have to put in a little extra guard now,” he said at a video conference in Los Angeles, “Dance with the Stars.” “Because if I go out with my friends and I’m having a good time, it will probably include drinking.”

This infamous 34-year-old Rigsby is the epitome of extraordinary fitness – an imaginary belief that diverts attention from traumatic exercise. Dirty Speaker Justin Timberleck And share beautiful stories about his boyfriend.

According to social media metrics, he is Peloton’s most popular teacher with nearly one million Instagram followers. Its 30-minute Britney Spears Section 650,000 times taken and counting – more than any similar length. Christine Walker NBC News has taken Rigsby parts to help prepare her for the 2020 presidential debate.

When he tried to become a professional dancer, Rigsby was not bad at earning a few hundred dollars.

Cody Riggsby and partner Cheryl Burke performed at the “Dance of the Stars” night.

(Christopher Willard / ABC)

According to Rigsby, members of his team, each Peloton teacher has a different personality and style of teaching. There is one spiritual, one spiritual, one technical. Rigsby is fun, playing the role of the “best friend of all homosexuals,” according to co-worker Emma Lovewell.

While other educators focused on form or provocative Pep’s speech, Ricksby, with a tattoo on his arm, Mickey Mouse, painted the room with Kitchi-speaking phrases. Observations of foreign pop culture And he gets angry about it Private pets. He is known to voice everything Olive garden bread sticks Scary to Chuck E. Cheese ball pit. In the popular XOXO Cody section, Rigsby shows up a list of pop-up populations for sex and love.

He loves Spirits more than anything else. Every time her music played in class, she often advised her followers, “We get up when we play Brittany.”

Rigsby’s humorous approach has made it popular with users, who upload the joke diaries to TikTok and YouTube. You can buy Cody Rigsby prayer candles and cups on Etsy. Well done. Fan Club.

Once again, when Rigsby was announced as a member of the DWTS cast in September, some mocked the idea of ​​a test instructor as a “star”.

“A celebrity is not as famous as we used to be. It’s a bigger world than people on TV. ” Actors and other personalities Do not fall into the category of traditional popularity.

Cody’s advice to the stars.

Rigbsy is known for his direct talk about celebrities. We asked him to make a selection of celebrities and characters.

Carrie Bradshaw- Please dismiss any statistics on this new “Sex and the City”. What happened to Patricia Field? They let her go to Emily in Paris and you guys regret it.

Benifer Bear Ben, don’t be surprised if your heart breaks, so don’t get rid of your friends too soon. They may need them.

Kim Kardashian: Girl, you didn’t make enough money? Just retire, do nothing. And please don’t go back to Kanye.

Lavwell, who has known Rigsby for about a decade, thinks there is something special about the close but imaginary relationship between Peloton’s teachers and their spectators.

“He is encouraging them, making them feel uncomfortable and making them breathe and sweat. You are believing in their body, mind and heart. It’s a different experience than just seeing someone on a movie screen … ”

Rigsby’s appeal is a victory story in itself. When his father was a few months old, he died of drug overdose. He was raised by a single mother – first in Burbank, then Greenborough, NC, and there were times of homelessness.

A man in a purple sweater, with trousers and black shoes, stands by a pool.

Rigsby said of his work at the Peloton Fitness Company: “In a way, he feels very divine.”

(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

Peloton’s diligent, hardworking personality says: “My childhood forced me to take responsibility for myself. He carefully recounts how he was treated in emotional bags as a child and how he moved his mother, Cindy – who is struggling with various health problems – to Brooklyn. She can “

Rigsby says he has always been a natural actor, teaching his choreography, which he took from Spears videos of sixth grade friends. Although there was not enough money for dance lessons, he began to take part in the choir and the music theater. “I became very prosperous in these areas and began to express myself in truly conservative North Carolina,” he said. “People made fun of me for being gay, but I loved being on stage.”

After college, this led him to New York to practice as a dancer, playing professional jigsaw puzzles.Playing with Nicki Minaj Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show) Helps to pay for any side noise (catering).

Lovewell, who was first associated with Rigsby when he was hired to dance at a Venetian-themed wedding in Washington, DC, was immediately moved. “He says what he thinks, but he doesn’t say it out loud,” she says. “This is a thin scale.”

Rigsby was boxing at a nightclub in the Lower East when he heard that he was looking for actors who were interested in teaching about a new fitness company. After a 10-minute interview, he sent a signal to Peloton, thinking it would be a good side effect. He recalls inviting his friends – “Twenty gay New York residents who read something bad to you” – to the first test room. Within a year he was teaching Peloton full-time.

Cody’s advice to the stars.

Erica Jane: I hope she is negotiating again on that Bravo contract. She wants more money.

Nicki Minaj: In fact, you are the best female rapper of all time. I often feel like you have forgotten that and come out confident.

Adele weep Enjoy your reign.

Britney Spears: Do it and live your life. And be happy. Don’t worry about making music or acting. The fans still love you. They had sex with Sam and had children.

“They took the opportunity, and it worked. I took a chance on them, and it turned my life around. Somehow he feels very divine.

Rigsby, one of Peloton’s many experienced educators, says: “Fitness” (British teacher Bradley Rose Halmark Christmas Movie). “There are many people who can be trusted. [fitness] Class. But how do you get people in? How do you keep people from wanting to come back for more? I think the stories we tell, the vulnerabilities we show, the laughter we share.

DWTS, a rival to Melanie’s “sports spice” Chischol, is a childhood dream come true – literally. As a child, he dreamed of becoming friends with spice girls. “I think it comes from looking at the ‘spice world’ a lot,” he says.

Still, the DWTS experience is challenging. For the first few weeks, he flew to LA to record the show, then returned to New York to teach Peloton. Extremely exhausted, Rigsby discovered the COVID-19 and was forced to compete for the right to the apartment, with a split screen with partner Cheryl Burke – for Spears, no less. “It’s still my gut,” he says. He stays in LA for the rest of the show, teaching at a temporary studio in the Peloton Passage and Showroom.

The judges were not particularly kind to Rigsby, but the results are improving. Rugby fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race is an expert on reality TV. “I have to remind myself that I am not a victim of TV history and that I have fun; Because this is about him. To mention myself, weep ‘not so deep bo’.

However, the DWTS journey is over, it has introduced a large audience through the show, and it has opened up opportunities beyond the bike.

Rigsby isn’t the kind of person who has a five-year plan, but he would love to do something else on TV, perhaps as a judge or host. “If Rupole listens, I’m completely open to doing a ‘famous drug race,'” he said. “I want everything I do to be based on bringing happiness and good energy to the world.”

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