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Hong Kong, November 11, 2021 (PRNewswire) – For many, the epidemic has turned into a sedentary lifestyle and alarmed health workers. In the latest section ‘Tech for Good’, CNN anchor and reporter Kristie Lu Stout It complements the mindset behind the technologies designed to combat this trend. From virtual reality gymnasiums to interactive homework equipment, CNN will learn how innovations in fitness technology can change the way we look and play sports.

As gym locks are closed around the world, fitness seekers are drawn to virtual options – and high-tech businesses see opportunities. CNN has heard from the creator. Peloton, Tom CortesseThe Role of ‘Connected Fitness’ as a Pioneer – Exercise allows for a gym-like experience. Lu Stutt Speaks with Celeste Burgoyne, President of the United States and the Innovation of the World by Lululemon, About the company’s discovery in the field of technology GlassA platform that brings home studio experience. Seoul– Based Tangram Factory It also has a smart fitness center with LED-embedded jump rope and US. Hydro He came out with a paddle machine that wanted to pretend to be real.

For some, fitness is all about fun and games. CNN Tours Black Box VR In San FranciscoIt is the world’s first virtual reality gym based on immersive games and artificial intelligence. Co-founder Preston Lewis Half of the experience explains how they are designed to “make people addicted to exercise.” Other companies are also exploring the potential of the extended reality, such as Vancouver– Based Form The beginning of smart swimwear and the beginning of France He hopes to use the added facts to refresh his viewing experience.

Baseball is arguably the most popular spectator sport in the world. Taiwan. Lu Stutt Makes a conversation Ching Lun Lynn, CEO Taiwan– Sports Technology Company JingletechIt recently released ‘STRIKE’ – one of the world’s first smart baseballs. The ball is filled with accurate sensors that can split the throw per second, providing information that the company believes will help improve Pitcher’s performance. In the meantime, Germany– Based Wingfield He said he could do the same for tennis players at the Smart Tennis Stadium.

Tracking your fitness and nutrition or building a health file Smartphone apps are adding a lot of personal fitness trainer functions. Of FitOn The app says it has grown from zero to six million users in 18 months. MyFitnessPal Provides facts for more than 14 million diets using information to help consumers focus on dietary adjustments. Sworkit It comes with over 1,000 personalized exercises based on user fitness goals.

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