COVENTRY – Less than two weeks before Thanksgiving, Coventry High School Navy Junior ROTC has partnered with the local fitness center to make everyone enjoy the holiday meal.

On Saturday, the cadres will join Sweatshop Fitness by setting up a food drive at Coventry High School to take advantage of the project.

“Everyone can count,” said Dotti Jacquoni, who volunteered with NJROTC because her children were part of the class. “The more cards we collect, the more we can help.”

The donations help feed hundreds of local families on Thanksgiving.

A.D. Since the onset of the cholera virus in early 2020, the number of households using Project Handp has increased weekly. Every week, according to Koren St. Jean, the non-profit organization serves about 400 families and sometimes more – West Warwick, Coventry and more. .

A.D. St. Jean, who launched the Project Hand Up project at West Warwick in 2017, said it “seems to be busy and busy every week.”

Heidi Audet, owner of Swift Shop Fitness, said she strongly believes in the project hand mission. Audit said she volunteered for the organization because she had to close the Sandy Bottom Road Fitness Center at the time of the outbreak.

“The demand is growing,” she said.

“That’s all I think [food drive] It will be amazing for our society.

St. Jean said she expects to distribute Thanksgiving meals to at least 400 families this year – and last month the organization has been craving food for it.

The project, which invites people to store grocery items for small donations, will receive a wide range of items, such as Ocean State Job Lot, Merchant Joss, Whole Foods and Roasted Fresh Foods. But despite those regular donations, Thanksgiving food was scarce this year, says St. Jean.

“We really had a hard time finding what we were looking for,” she says.

The Turks, in particular, were hard to reach.

In addition to frozen turkey, the ingredients include cranberry broth, mashed potatoes, turkey broth, canned vegetables and canned foods. Turkey seasoning, pie crust and filling, mushroom soup, fried onions and canned fruits are listed as needed.

Gift cards will also be useful, says St. Jean.

St. Jean thanked NJROTC and Sweatshop Fitness for its support of the project handover and the families it serves.

About the cadres, he said, “I think they are absolutely wonderful. “I think [their food drive] It will be very successful. “

This Saturday, November 13, at Coventry High School, food can be tossed between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.