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Weeks later, Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai has been accused of sexually assaulting retired Chinese official Zhang Gaolin, tennis stars and sports fans. Naomi Osaka, You are talking about supporting and caring for her safety. Peng reportedly It did not appear in public Weibo posted the longest accusation on Chinese social media platform Weibo on November 2.

“I was told that a friend of mine, a tennis player who had recently gone missing, had been sexually assaulted.” Osaka wrote on Twitter. “Censorship is by no means safe. I hope Peng Shuai and her family are safe.”

Peng’s case was settled out of court on the basis of his previous agreement with 75-year-old Zhang. In 2017, Zhang detailed the alleged sexual assault after her ouster from China. As Associated PressPeng writes that the attack took place after a tennis match and that Zhang refused to force her to have sex. Zang’s wife said she was standing outside the door to watch. Peng also stated that she could not provide evidence to support her allegations. New York Times Reported.

The Peng Post was downloaded from Weibo within 30 minutes, but Screenshots And Fan translations They are still spreading, at least outside of China; Searching for the name Peng and even the word “tennis” on the Chinese Internet seems to be closed. NYT.

12 days after the release of Peng’s post live, November 14, Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Issued a statement. “Peng Shui and all women should be heard, not censored. Her allegations of sexual harassment against a former Chinese leader should be taken seriously.”

The situation continues to evolve. Today, one Email from Peng “The allegations of sexual harassment are untrue,” she told WTA chairman and CEO Steve Simon. “I’m not lost or not well. I just rested at home and everything is fine.”

Response Simon Issued a statement. “My only concern is for her safety and her whereabouts,” the email said. Peng expressed skepticism that she had written the email, expressed her admiration for her courage in her original article, and said that she had repeatedly tried and failed to reach her. “WW and the rest of the world need an independent and credible guarantee that it is safe.”

Meanwhile, influential figures throughout the tennis world continue to call for an end to Peng Censorship. “Peng Shuai hopes she is safe and her case is being investigated.” Billy Jean King tweeted. “I am shocked by the current situation and I am sending love and light the way it is,” Osaka wrote.