Anindya Chatterjee, Devlina Kumar and Gourab Chatterjee

November 14 marks a step forward for the fitness and health industry. how? Jay Balaji team announced the launch of their new fitness app JBG Endura 101 with their 2022 event list at the park. Launched in January 2022, the app offers unique solutions and structured training programs for a healthy and fit body and lifestyle. Designed by JBG Senior Coaches and Coaches panel.

Some of the features of the app include well-researched and results-oriented fitness systems that include ego-oriented, surface training and proper body and fitness, comprehensive, practical and practical daily fitness solutions, versatile weight loss and exercise. Cycling, Zumba, Yoga and Pilates, weight loss programs, e-commerce forums for sports and more. t2 Listening to Health and Fitness Discussions at the three panel discussions hosted by Mir Afsar Ali.

Panel 1

Panels: Vikram Rai (Founder of Sprint and Vik Foundation); Aisha Bilimoria (mobile mobility expert, three-time national champion in the 200-meter dash); Nagaraj Harsha (Triathlete, Four-Time Ironman Finish – Ultra Runner); Divide Shah (Para-National Bicycle); And Vinn Baptist (Fitness Coach and Founder of the National Academy of Fitness and Nutrition).

Mir: How important is listening to your body?

Ayesha Bilimoria – For me, recovery was a big part of my training. I’ve been a professional athlete all my life and when we were little we didn’t know what to do with recovery and recovery. When I began to realize its importance, I thought that this was something we could give to people. Rehab comes in a different way for different people but it can set a very strong foundation when you want to return to the sport. Hunger has become more important than the sport itself but many are not paying attention to it. There are some very small things that we like to cover in this app that people like to participate in. It makes you stronger even though you are not hurt.

Mr. Depi, how do you train your mind?

Whatever you do, there is a monster in your mind that says, “Shut up, you must not do this.” Your mind controls your body and when you have an ideology it is time to defeat the inner demon. You can go back and say, “Shut up, I’ll do this.” This is how you push yourself forward and on the other hand there is always victory. Inside, you know you have won a lot.

When Mr. White is worried and lacking motivation, how can you fix this problem?

Negaraj Harsha: I want to touch on ego training first. Aisha talks about Reformation and Divig talks about the mind. So let’s take a brief look at fitness. We are all moved to see the people around us. We want to start the journey. So at the moment we do not know what the origin is. So we land on the network and start implementing it on our own. Exercise is patience, and when you practice it, you begin to live that life. If you rush into it, you will go into rehab.

Second, it is important to pay close attention. We have to keep the ego aside, n- There may be competitions, your body may close so we have to learn to go backwards.

Mir Mir strength training for all?

Vinnit: It depends on how people define strength training, it is very individual. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘strength’ is barbells and drums. Strength training can be as basic as body weight. Strength training is for everyone but it depends on how well you do it and if there is a professional who can help you. It will help you to deal with issues such as making your day-to-day activities more efficient for you, less time consuming. Of course, there are other benefits. It is difficult to say when and where the forum is. We have to worry about it, but only to the extent that we can recover from it.

How did the life-changing Vikram, if not a runner, change his life to an Ultra Marathon runner?

Vikram Ray Fly I did not do any sports during my school and college years and at the age of 36 I had a cholesterol level of 30-plus due to severe uric acid attack. I had to start running 5 miles a day. Consistency is what I believe, your mind always tells you not to overdo it. So I went from 5 km to 10 km ኩት I listened to my heart. I have done 25 km, 42 km and the race of hell, which is a seven-hour journey. Running is not my main job. Running made me a very strong person and I was happy to represent Darjeeling in the race.

(LR) Vikram Ray, Nagaraj Harsha, Vinit Baptist, Div Shah Shah and Ayesha Bilimoria

Panel 2

Discussion ፡—ቲ ቲ ቲ ቲ ቲ ማል ማል ማል የአመጋገብ የአመጋገብ የአመጋገብ የአመጋገብ ፣ ፣ ፣ ፣ ፣ ፣ ው ው ው———————–አድ—-ፍ ፍ

Why Mr. Endura 101?

Gaurav Jajodia: We all know the importance of exercise, especially in the last two years. It is important not only for the athlete but also for the average person. The epidemic has taught us how to overcome these evils that we have seen over the past two years. So we want to do something right ብቻ not only planning events but also small challenges for everyone. The seven-day, two-day or 5-mile test, inspires everyone. So we have added one more day to the 100 days of exercise on the app. Why stop at 100 because this gives more sense of accomplishment? It is only necessary to push that “one more”. One is the origin. Exercise is important. It should be exercise, breakfast, lunch and then dinner.

How did you inspire yourself to bring this fitness situation?

Gaurav: Being an industrialist, being fit is important. You have a responsibility to the community, your decisions are important not only for yourself but also for your organization, their staff, and if I can’t give birth in a difficult time and I get sick? Fitness should not be neglected in any field. It must be a part of life.

Myrm: What happens to a person who loves to run or cycle if he is registered with the app?

As a member of the Nishant Mahshwari, I talked to Gwarav and said that it is not enough to have one event a year, we have to do more. We wanted to come up with something out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary. Because of Kovid, we wanted to connect people properly. There are many activities on the app but for example if a person registers in the program to run, he will get the full training. If someone wants to do 5K (run) or improve their time, you get that training. There are similar programs for cycling… that allow people to sign up and receive daily notifications, and they must work comfortably. And with the help of Aisha Bilimoria and Aditi Almal de Video, we offer rehabilitation programs for everyone. And helps the ADT team develop a diet plan.

How does My Mir Fat Fat-Loss program work in one application?

After the celebration, we all thought, “Oh, we ate so much.” But this could be a “so much” cake, a high-calorie Philadelphia cheese. This is especially important when deciding whether or not to lose weight because a small cake is similar to many calories. So Nishant and I were talking and he mentioned the app. He did not know that I had this beginning, which we had been doing for two years.

Are you going to ask us to eat sweets, sweets, rice and cakes?

Adit Almal de Poe No, absolutely not. We allow everything in moderation. That’s how we do it, but modesty is different for different people. We understand lifestyle, age, gender, standards and provide customized plans accordingly. So, of course, you will have sweets, you will go out, you will receive fraudulent food and you will have to balance the next day. So balance the way you lose weight and enjoy your diet.

(LR) Nishant Maheshwari, Gaurav Jajojia, Aditya Shah and Aditi Almal De

(LR) Nishant Maheshwari, Gaurav Jajojia, Aditya Shah and Aditi Almal De

Panel 3

Panels’s dro- Anindi Chatterje, Davina Cumer and Gorab Chatterje

Gourab Chatterjee ፡ Sometimes our programs are 23 to 24 days a month, sometimes we work for 28 days and we don’t get Sundays. But this is something we love and desire and one of the most important parts of our work is being fit, fit. Moreover, it is our way of life.

My dear, again, this is not a accomplishment, it is a journey, you will enjoy the journey and you will not always think about the destination.

Gourab: Yes, fitness is a more sedentary lifestyle. You wake up, you brush your teeth, you take, you wash, you eat… So that’s it. We humans are born for hunting. We were created to do physical things; But civilization has ruined us. We must remember that we need to do physical activity for an hour or half an hour a day.

Mir: Devina, how much time do you spend on fitness?

When Davina and Kummer are free, I can work all day. I go cycling, I go to the gym, I run, I play badminton if I am free. If I am not free, an hour and a half…

Mr. Fal: So you try to get 90 minutes even though you are not free?

Davina: Remember the shooting we had together? I came straight from the gym, so I was in a gym suit.

Mir: And I was wearing a non-gym suit, if you notice.

I feel that Davina Lite (about 90 minutes to work) is not out of obligation, out of a pure desire to work. As one person said it is about consistency and I believe if we get half an hour a day, then just do it. Maybe run or stretch but wear your watch and move your body.

Mir: Anindy, because you are a member of the cycling team and go out regularly. Do you know how it all started?

Anindy Chatterjee – I had an athletic background, I was a swimmer at the time and life has changed since then. So one day during the epidemic, producer Mahendra Sony tagged us with an Instagram story about 30km cycling. I didn’t have a cycle then, he had one and I had to borrow my girlfriend’s bike. We had a bicycle and we will take it out on alternate days. It’s like a holiday when I leave with my cycle at 5:00 am because I haven’t taken any for the last two years. So in these adventures we travel 50 miles[40 km]40 miles[40 km]. We have given the Rajarahat Expressway six days. We will start with Garhat and then City Center 2 or Airport or Highway.

Myrm Calcite’s unique cycling experience was re-introduced with the creation of a unique bike path at Dabashish Sen (in the audience).

If you feel like you want to run tomorrow, I recommend you run today.

Gourab: This time you have to put electronics aside and spend time with you, think about what you can do, what productivity you can bring to the table. It is a change of mind and a change of heart for the people around you. If you are going somewhere, just walk or bike. But we have a habit of taking our vehicles.

Mir’s photographed wearing a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and a T-shirt.

Gorab Pear was a swimmer and he was very good and he was going to run. There were times when he ate and drank in the last chapter, but the next day he made sure he ran. And those days he would get up at 4:00 am and take my dad, his brother and other artists of that time. It encourages exercise!

What: JBG Endura app

Wait Custom solutions and structured training programs for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The programs and treatments are conducted by senior and professional panelists from the fitness industry.

Available at tomorrow Play Store and iOS

Available from January 2022