TORTON, CO. – Every gym mouse knows “Don’t miss Gym Rule No. 1 on Monday.”

So last Monday, Carrier Ricardo-Diaz went on a Thornton VASA qualification for cardio.

“I ran on the treadmill for about 15 minutes and went back to the lock to pick up my water bottle,” she told me. “My key was unlocked, and my bag is missing.”

Annoyed, she searched for her purse and found it in the bathroom tent – with the keys to her car down. Outside, her car was stolen, and Torton police said it was a normal story.

“Because they said they were calling almost every day. It’s no surprise to them,” said Ricardo-Diaz.

Get Denver 7 has been heard from VASA fitness members from all over the world.

“My new jeep was stolen and my wallet was stolen,” said Anthony, who contacted the Denver 7 hotline on VASA Westminster. “The man stole the bag from my lock.”

In Colorado Sources, Briana Chamnes has a similar story at VASA Fitness in April. She eventually found her stolen car in a trash can. The thieves left drugs and other gym leaflets – perhaps their next target.

“I worked until I died to buy that car,” Chamnes told ABC’s KRDO-TV.

The Denver crime map shows nine car thefts reported in less than four months at the VASA fitness center. A statement from Denver Police stated that in most cases, thieves stole locks.

Police say no arrests have been made in connection with the case, but suspects have been identified in at least one case. Denver Police also said it has done some work for the business on theft and car theft prevention.

“Of course, we encourage people to lock their personal belongings when they go to the gym and reduce the amount of items entering the gym because thieves are targeting locks,” Denver Police spokesman Doug Shepman said.

Denver police say two car keys were stolen from the locks.

Police records from Denver 7 in Toronto show VASA fitness video of the suspects being spied on, but police could not release it.

Thornton police spokesman said stolen cars, including VASA, Planet Fitness and Chuze Fitness, were on the rise in several areas.

In a statement, VASA Fitness Contact Denver 7

VASA logo reminds members to lock their valuables … Outside of the locker rooms, VASA has security cameras in all the clubs and unfortunately something is stolen, VASA takes immediate action, provides images to the local police and enforces investigators as soon as possible. On behalf of the VASA team, we are saddened to hear of recent car theft locks and are looking for more ways to protect members and their valuables.

Ricardo-Diaz says she wants to warn others just because she doesn’t lock her locks, which prevents non-members from entering.

“If no one does something big, it will continue to happen,” she said. “So I chose to do something big. The gym has to take ownership and responsibility. They have to tell us: ‘Hey, there’s something here. They are stealing cars from our parking lot. So be sure. To lock things up or to keep things with you. ‘

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