Chicago (CBS) – The video shows a drunken driver entering the West Loop business early Friday, and neighbors say they heard it, feel it – and break out the cameras to record what happened next.

CBS 2 Jackie Kostek has met the business owner, which is not the first tragedy they have experienced recently.

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At around 1am, police collided with a light pole on Madison Street while driving north on Rassin Street. She then tried to undo it and in 1170 w. She moved into the Madison St. The Barre Fitness Studio in Madison St.

His wife, Susan Rotman, said, “Calls from the police and the alarm company, and yes, you don’t want to get a call, do you?”

The video captures the scene and the conflicting screams as the vehicle plows back into the Six Barre Studios – the six-year-old business of Rotman. The glass is broken and the frame is broken.

Neighbors report two loud noises and a car engine vibration. Surveillance video shows the driver exiting and driving the car in front of the store.

“Impossible,” said Rotman. “Unreal”

Not true, yes – but Rothman is choosing to look on the bright side.

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“If it had happened at 5pm when the whole studio was coming and going, it would have been a different conversation,” she said.

Rothman said the accident did not cause any structural damage. But still, she expects her doors to close for a while.

“I always think I am very strong, and owning your own business is a thousand years of schooling,” she said. “So I think the survivors, and especially the COVID – by passing – I think a lot of people who are bad and resilient about it will survive.

For two consecutive years, Rotman’s whip and resistance lessons came in handy. Initially, there was a six-month shutdown of Kovid-19. Then came armed robbery, and about two months ago, it was broken into overnight.

And now this.

“Just to find out, you know, a little improvement in our luck, and when we get everything back in place, I may just need to throw in some more wise people – all the place wise, right?” Rotman said.

Rothman canceled classes for at least a week. At this time, the best way to support the business is at Fulton River District 625 W. Lake St. She says it’s going to go to another place in the upper bar.

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In this case, the driver was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving recklessly and with equipment and other property – all offenses. Officers were on the scene, but she refused.