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The Student Life Center on the University of Utah campus, where students can exercise and rent for various adventures, is Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

George S. Ecclesiastes Student Life Center is accessible to all Utah University students with their U-card, but within the center, the campus entertainment service offers students other activities and opportunities.

One of these was Halloween. They hosted a Zombie Zumba event on October 26. The event was free for all who came, and to encourage students to attend classes at the center.

Emma Stalingings has experience with the Zumba program in the U.S. As a student, she started attending classes with her friend and fell in love with them.

She says she is worried about being a student of mechanical engineering but Zumba helps her calm down, relax and relieve her stress.

“I think I can concentrate better in the weeks I go to Zumba and I have a lot of energy,” Stingling said. I tell everyone to do zumba.

Yu Zumba offers not only students but also other classes. One class pass is $ 5 for cycling to yoga activities. In addition, another Available passesLike all other destinations, they will be left halfway through the rest of the semester.

Fitness Program Manager April Pavelka talks about Zombi Zumba and programs at the center.

“The name looks fun and sticky,” Pavellka said. “We’ve been doing it for a very few years now.”

Each semester offers students a free week to try out the classes they offer. During the harvest season, the week begins October 11-17.

“With Zombie Zumba and our free week, we will try to provide free classes for students,” said Pavellka. “We recognize that not everyone has the financial means to buy a pass or a one-time pass, and we understand the needs of students’ fitness and daily safety.”

Pavellka said group fitness classes give students the opportunity to build a community.

“It’s like a stepping stone to exercise,” she says. “We recognize that gym can be a very scary place and one may not know how to use the equipment or how to set up a training or cardio program, so team fitness is an easy way to get involved.”

She talked about how important and possible it is for students to meet new people and friends.

“Especially after Kovid-19, a lot of students really had to be with other people. “There are a lot of personal improvements you can get with fitness. Studies show that it improves mood, short-term and long-term memory… Can improve mild to moderate depression symptoms.

If students are unsure of the full cost of a passport, Pavellka recommends entering the class for $ 5 or trying out the free opportunities once a month.

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