Company Name: Alliance Fitness Center

Number of years in business: 30

Founder: Sarah Little

Founded in 1991

Location 1 Meridian Blvd., Spring Township.

Chief: Sarah Little

Tree Fitness Center manufactured by your company.

Number of employees: 14.

Mission The Fitness Center Alliance’s mission is to bring together the best team of fitness professionals to help individuals improve their health and longevity through quality health programs. We are committed to helping our clients get rid of the healthy lifestyles that are bothering the American people.

How did the company start? Founded in 1991, our parent company, Corporate Health Alliance (Alliance Fitness Center located in the Meridian Corporate Center) quickly made its mark on group fitness and provided quality group fitness options for reading, Alentaw and Hershey-based companies and school districts. . Sarah M. Smur, president of CHA President and Marketing Director with more than 31 years of experience in Business and Corporate Fitness Management, includes consulting companies’ Health Awareness, Behavior Intervention Program and Corporate Site Management and Fitness Facilities.
In terms of fitness, the Alliance Fitness Center evaluates clients’ unique needs, goals and preferences. One of the reasons for the great success of our clients is the transformation of individual members into training benefits. Alliance fitness trainers and nutrition coaches are masters of creating unique programs tailored to their client’s goals, focusing on their overall fitness experience. We make sure that fitness is part of your lifestyle and that our clients enjoy the process.

A key lesson for the success of the company First of all – an AFC certified personal trainer has the education and knowledge to evaluate your fitness and evaluate you in an individual fitness program that suits our abilities and goals. Whether you want to increase your athleticism or you want to stay fit and healthy, our coaches will prepare you for success!


Phone number 610-376-2322

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