Internal adult Published an investigation Describe in detail some black workers’ concerns over wage differences By Peloton. The report, published November 3, is based on four black current and previous interviews Peloton Employees who speak anonymously, as well as Internal adultAccess to internal connections (screenshots of Slack talks, for example) and review of internal documents.

About 200 full-time workers joined the Black @ Peloton Workers’ Group and began discussing salary in September. Some said they felt they were being paid less than the industry standard. An employee with 11 years of IT experience said she earned $ 57,000 as a “Level 4” professional at Peloton’s IT department. Another eight-year IT expert’s salary was increased to $ 51,000 only after negotiations – a $ 50,000 reduction initially.

Other employees reported injustice Internal adult Between their own salaries and their white co-workers. After talking to three members of the “Caucasian” group, one of whom started six to eight months before him and two others who started several months later, “they were all paid more than I started.” Another former employee said he was the only black person on their team Internal adult Last year, more than 20 people grew up. He asked a few white co-workers what they had done and realized that he was losing $ 15,000 for the same experience and role.

A current employee said. Internal adult I think this is a two-part affair. Member-Support Agents You take these calls from the right one. Peloton cyclists Most of these groups are African-Americans.Fight racial inequality and injustice in our world and promote health and well-being for all”)

At a meeting in October, Michael Gatlin, vice president of international general awards, told Black @ Peloton staff members that Peloton Internal adult “It doesn’t pay less than competitive prices” and things like geography and experience try to determine how well an individual at each level of the company works. “And so two team members can be on the same level, but it’s highly possible to be highly paid,” Gatlin said. Internal adult. But he noticed that at the company level and in the same city, two employees who do the same job deserve it no I do not It is paid in a very different way.

Founder John Foley said in a full-time meeting that the company would pay “10 percent of all companies for the same roles.” Internal adult According to Peloton’s most recent proxy statement, Foley will receive a total compensation of $ 17.8 million in the 2021 budget year. This includes “stock rewards”. The median (full-time and full-time) compensation was $ 56,084.

According to Gatlin, Peloton has hired an external consultant to respond to employee concerns. It will take place between January and March 2022 Internal adult“As we take this seriously, we have met with each team member who has come forward to raise concerns about pay fairness. As with any workplace, we have addressed individual concerns.”

Some black workers also said that they were upset by the additional internal conditions promised by Peloton, which they had not seen before, including the report on labor differences. “None of them are true,” one wrote Internal adult. “The black dollar is strong, and Peloton sees the benefits of aligning themselves with the BLM / anti-Asian hatred, but it does little to solve the internal problems of injustice and discrimination.”

“The black dollar is strong, and Peloton sees the benefits of aligning themselves with the BLM / anti-Asian hatred, but it does little to solve the internal problems of injustice and discrimination.”

Peloton said the company is “very deep in the process of DAI analysis” and plans to officially share its numbers by 2022. But the company said 31 percent of its top leaders (VP ​​and above) are “people of color.” This includes Dara Tresider, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing and Communications, who wrote on the Black @ Peloton Slack Channel. Internal adult, “It’s a great place to make Peloton – it’s especially important for our black teammates personally.” She is one of the co-sponsors of Black @ Peloton.

Peloton’s spokesman POPSUGAR sent a statement: Heavy. “Today we have a number of initiatives and processes to ensure fair compensation and we are committed to making sustainable progress as part of our journey to becoming an anti-racist organization.”

“The company will review and improve compensation areas each year,” he said. , Adjustments have been made to ensure that team members are receiving competitive pay in their respective compensation areas.

Finally, the spokesman said, “Local and national payment equity laws and regulations apply to every country in which we live.[s] Annual Compensation Review to ensure equitable payment for all team members[s] in the MLT Black Equality at Work The program we received in the 5-to-5 Compensation Criteria is part of the initial analysis of the program for certification. Internal adult, Peloton will be eligible for this certificate in May.