• Black workers in Peloton began to share their pay history with suspicion of salary differences.
  • Peloton’s chief executive earned $ 17.8 million in 2021, while the middle-class earned $ 56,084.
  • Insider spoke to staff.

Black @ Peloton staff members greeted one another as they entered their regular business. Zoom in Meetings in October.

Peloton Vice President Michael Getlin was on the screen. He was there to address the fears among black workers – he had been in the group for weeks Phone Channel – Some are being paid less than the industry standard for their work and experience.

Some 200 or more members of the Black @ Peloton team, all full-time employees, were sharing their salary experience within the company. A black worker said in


Channel has been given a 1.5% increase, which is equivalent to an additional $ 765 per year – below. 5.3% inflation at the time – “After receiving constant praise for my hard work during the year,” the man was posted on the channel.

According to the company’s latest proxy file, CEO John Foley has received a total of $ 17.8 million in compensation, including dividends for Peloton 2021. A similar application found that $ 56,084 was paid during the same period, including a middle-aged, full-time and full-time employee – resulting in a pay-31-to-1 pay ratio between Foley and the middle-aged employee.

Some of the people interviewed by Insider reflect the ongoing problem in Peloton. Workplace. He said the personal experiences of four current and former black workers at Peloton showed that some workers were underpaid.

“I just want to,” said one former employee. “The three Caucasians were paying more than I started,” the worker said when asked by other team members about the salary. The two began months later.

Insider spoke to a number of current and former employees, who said that such differences are consistent with their experience with Peloton and that they have struggled to get paid in terms of space, location and experience.

A Peloton spokesman told Insider that the organization takes “constructive comments” seriously and encourages feedback. Connected: Fitness Company, whose Soft stationary exercise bikes A sign of a pandemic, he said he had signed a certificate of employment for the administration in March and that he would be eligible to receive the certificate in May.