Rafinha is a Leeds player, and Marcelo Belsa says his Leeds team-mates must improve.

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Marcelo Belsa tries to improve Rafinha’s team-mates to make the Brazilian star better for the game. Leeds.

Rafinha is Leeds’ most prolific player this season, with five of his 10 goals. Premier League Forms.

The winger has scored two goals and two assists in his first five appearances for Brazil and says Leeds need to grow to reach full potential.

“He’s good enough now,” said the chief of Leeds. “If you ask me how I estimate his evolution, his performances would be a good example.

“Another big challenge for shiny players is to pass that evolution on to their teammates and the team.

Marcelo Belsa says Leeds need to improve to get Rafinha better.


AFP via Getty Images)

“Rafinha will be much better if the team is better and his teammates are better.

“I am not saying it is a self-explanatory conclusion, but a conclusion made by the players.

“They start with a lack of balance on their own, to optimize how their teammates work.

“Collaborative game development improves the team they have and this process is a big challenge.”

Balessa is confident Rafinha could continue to be an influence on Leeds, although he is known to the opposition for his performances.

“Another characteristic of the great players is that they are very interested, which means that the questions they ask themselves do not require external stimuli,” he said.

Belsa has also been linked with a move for Patrick Bamford and the striker is still not ready to return to action.

When Bamford injured his ankle, he was expected to be out of action for just four weeks. Newcastle In mid-September.

But two months later he is still missing and Belsa says he cannot say when he will return.

Rafinha and Patrick Bamford celebrate together


POOL / AFP by Getty Images)

Asked about his readiness for the game against Bamford and Luke Ealing with Leeds Tottenham On Sunday, Belsa said: “They are not available for this game.

“Their evolution is monitored every day. I don’t want to give you a date that doesn’t connect with them.

“That’s why my responses are so short. I can’t give any assurance.”

Although Belsa Junior Firpo and Jamie Shakulton are close to returning, Robin Koch is still a short distance away.

“Firpo is improving, he is healthy, he only needs a minute now,” he said.

“Shakton is similar to Firpo. He is healthy, but he still needs match skills to play.

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