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Make some profit with your friends and family who love exercise

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It is very easy to find gifts for fitting and wonderful friends. Sometimes it means looking at what they have in an affordable kit and filling up a collection or picking up something new to support their fitness efforts.


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Here is a snapshot of some of the items that should work properly for your active friends and loved ones. There is everything. foam rollers To relieve aches and pains at an affordable price (yet beautiful, runner allowed) Eye protection , A Quick-dry towel And gifts to keep them motivated.

Yoga Matt ($ 39.99)

Roll the gray carpet for your friends.
Roll the gray carpet for your friends. Photo by Sportcheck

He is admired by basic but active people. This Yoga mat Easy to carry with long straps and cleans well. There are many carpets to choose from but this one is simple and subtle.

Where to buy: SportCheck

Or there Forward Yoga Matt It is a more colorful option. ($ 88)

Take the carpet to a friend.
Take the carpet to a friend. Photo by Lululemon

Where to buy: Lululemon

We love it too. BMT (Starting at $ 96) It can be very rewarding for those who are practicing Vinyasan or other yoga classes that involve jumping.


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Sun Bum SPF 30 ($ 11)

Skin protection.
Skin protection. Photo by Amazon

Grab and pack a few essentials, such as a simple sunscreen.

Where to buy: Amazon

3-in-1 Coal Cleaner ($ 10)

Clean with this gift.
Clean with this gift. Photo by Amazon

For their face, hair and body. Perfect for post-workout activities. Natural aloe vera, ginger and harmful ingredients, nutritious Moringa oil and white charcoal poisoning. Paraben-free, sulfate-free and all.

Where to buy: Sports Check

Waterless shower ($ 4.99)

There is no water.  no problem.
There is no water. no problem. Photo by Sports Check

Because there is not always time to shave in the bathroom. This is a great way for those of you who want to rush into a shower without having to take a shower.

Where to buy: Sports Check

Dude Wipe ($ 12.20)

Practical gift.
Practical gift. Photo by Amazon

Toiletries on the go – An alternative to toilet paper.

Where to buy: Amazon

Sports Pack ($ 24.99)

The best way to pack all the little things mentioned above.


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The perfect place to pack some gifts - gift.
The perfect place to pack some gifts – gift. Photo by Colombia

Where to buy: Colombia

Burton Benny Triple Pack ($ 34.95)

One is fun, three bee hives.
One is fun, three bee hives. Photo Beri

One-size fits all. Multi-pack compatible with slouch.

Where to buy: Re

Goodr OG Sunglasses ($ 39.99)

There is no shadow here.
There is no shadow here. Photo by Amazon

“People love UV protection, but they are more affordable than polarized,” said Gordon Hobins, owner of the Calgary Running Unit in Calgary. It is well known that they do not even sweat on their faces.

Where to buy: Amazon

Who is Ping Pong? ($ 44)

Game is on.  No ping pong table required.
Game is on. No ping pong table required. Photo by Amazon

There is no swimming table. no problem. This kit includes a portable net that can be set up on a dining table, office desk or outside table. Comes with high quality table tennis paddles and balls.

Where to buy: Amazon

Bluetooth Benny ($ 30.99)

Keep them warm and relaxed.
Keep them warm and relaxed. Photo by Amazon

Yes please. Great for adding music to outdoor walks, hiking or hiking. Simple, but clever. Connects via Bluetooth to get hands free. Allows warm hands when listening to music or ringing.


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Where to buy: Amazon

Roll Dice and Sports ($ 23.99)

Increase joy in fitness activities.
Increase joy in fitness activities. Photo by Amazon

These exercise dice are an excellent motivating tool. No tools required.

Where to buy: Amazon

Collectible Foam Roller ($ 92)

A comfortable roller after training.
A comfortable roller after training. Photo with unusual items

Roll and go. Stress and pain caused by this roller, which fits into a gym bag with a flat, folded T-shirt when not in use.

Where to buy: Unusual items

Nano Dry Towels ($ 46)

Quick-dry towel.
Quick-dry towel. Photo with unusual items

It is ultraviolet, compact and weighs 2.3 times its moisture content. Antibacterial coating removes bacteria. The released silicone holder has a carbineer clip that hangs the towel for instant drying.

Where to buy: Unusual items

Hydro Flash ($ 53.95)

Hydrophosphate Photo by MEC

This large oral bottle contains 947 ml of hydration.

Where to buy: MEC

Outdoor Research Wind Hat ($ 44.95)

Wind protection.
Wind protection. Photo by MEC


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This Unisex hat is a great protection for anyone who goes cross-country skiing, running or hiking.

Where to buy: MEC

Wahoo Fitness TickrFit Heart Rate Armbad ($ 108.95)

Yahoo to Wahu.
Yahoo to Wahu. Photo by MEC

Add heart rate data to your exercises without wearing a chest strap. Using an optical sensor, the TICKR FIT monitors your heart rate by measuring blood flow changes. Compatible with both Bluetooth Smart and ANT +.

Where to buy: MEC

Combi P1 Liner Glove ($ 19.95)

Hands down, a great gift.
Hands down, a great gift. Photo by MEC

This pair is wind-resistant, breathable and covered Accu-dri Moisture resistant micro-polyester. It has a touch screen compatible on the thumb and forefinger.

Where to buy: MEC

Garmin Venu SQ – unisex ($ 279.95)

Fitness tracking.
Fitness tracking. Photo by MEC

Some details; More than 20 modes of activity, from bike to pool and yoga. Breathing Monitor, Garmin Coach (meaning personal training plans) and more.


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Where to buy: MEC

Be a Super Tiger (starting at $ 52.45)

Professional guide for your fitness buddies.
Professional guide for your fitness buddies. Photo by Amazon

Improve your athletic performance, extend your athletic performance, treat stiffness and joint pain and prevent and repair injuries — all without the need for a trainer, doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or conspiracy theorist. Dr. We have read and approved it.

Where to buy: Indigo ($ 68.95) | Amazon ($ 52.45)

FitBook ($ 24)

Help them stay accountable and organized.
Help them stay accountable and organized. Photo by Amazon

Be proactive and monitor your progress. This book is a great way to help a friend explore how they are doing on the fitness front.

Where to buy: Amazon

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