Beats They have released their latest headphones, which they call “the best and most innovative bits headset ever.” This is a big difference for such small earbuds, but after a week of listening to music with them, we can say the sound quality. Efficient benefits Suitable.

The brand has a new custom translator and clarity to provide complete sound and bass. Fitness Pros has three listening modes, including active noise cancellation, with external and indoor microphones limiting local sounds, allowing you to enter the zone. There is also a transparency mode, you can enable it by pressing “b” on both headphones. Zone help went out And listen to what’s around you. And then there’s the EQ that adapts when it’s not transparency and ANC. This mode has an in-looking microphone that adjusts the minimum and medium frequencies to your ear for better listening experience. There is also a dynamic head tracking feature that is anchored to your device while your head is moving while exercising.

In a press release, Oliver Schusser, vice president of Beats and Apple Music, said: “With space audio and dynamic head monitoring, the Beats Fit Pro offers a truly immersive listening experience. At this price point, it sets new standards for premium headphones.

When you exercise all day Fitness Stay tuned with earphones and a flexible windshield wiper, suitable for anyone who wants to do it while listening to music. Includes making phone calls. You will receive a notification when someone calls you while the swelling is in your ear World Health Organization Your phone is contacting you while it is hidden, so you can push that “b” and decide if you want to answer.

And when you do it right, exercise not only helps you to develop the exercise you choose, but it is also sweat and water resistant so you will be covered if your exercise is very strong. Other Benefits The battery life is impressive with a beautiful and easy-to-carry package that can be worn in 27 hours. When you run out of time and use a fast fuel charger, charging five minutes gives you an hour’s playback. Setting up is quick and painless in one touch, and the connection is secure.

Want to get your hands on a pair? Well, the new Bits Qualification Pro is officially available for $ 199.99 and will be available on November 5. They are being released in four colors (stone purple, sage gray, white and black) for the holiday season. , With high-quality headphones for your fitness buddy, tech-loving partner or anyone who appreciates good music – just like you.

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