Following them Appearance in iOS 15.1 And The shedding of some celebrities, Apple Beats is officially announcing today. Bit Fitness Pro, Fitness-focused wireless headphones with flexible wings attach to the ear securely.

The $ 200 Beats Fit Pro includes all the features you expect from top-of-the-ear Apple headphones, such as three-dimensional silicone tips, active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency audio modes, adaptive Eck, on-site audio with dynamic head monitoring, and H1 chip for “Hey” Siri“And Find mine Support as well as one-touch pairing on iOS, automatic switching between devices on the same iCloud Tag and voice sharing.

We’ve been using the new Beats Fit Pro for about a week, and the best description we can bring to them is a fitness-focused version. Erpods Pro. They have very similar set of features but have completely different designs, the beats on all Beat Fit Pro’s Beats Fit Pro go smoothly and go with low-profile earbuds with wing tips for stability.

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Three different sizes of silicone ear tips are included to help you find the one that works best for your ear canal.

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In terms of fitness, Beats says it has thousands of earbuds for digital fingerprint recording, which are very flexible but provide good stability to keep the Beats Fit Pro in the ear. Getting the headset in place Just insert it into your ear, you need to hook the tip of the winglet over your upper ear. The Beats Fit Pro also has an IPX4 rating, which means they are sweat and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about them while working.

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Setting up is very easy thanks to the H1 chip, so all you have to do is bring the Beats Fit Pro to your device and open the case, at which point you will see a series of questions to pair your headphones with your device. And walk in the basic functions.

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Regarding sound quality, Beat said it has developed a new transistor for solid sound with a new exhaust system to reduce distortion and discomfort in the Tribe region. In our experiments we found very good quality with irAirPods Pro‌, although it is a little heavier at the lower end, which is not surprising for a bits product.

The Beats Fit Pro includes two-wave microphones in each headset, as well as an internal microphone and audio accelerometer, all of which work together to improve sound quality and sound quality in your ear.

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They do not provide compressed power sensors for board controllers on AirPods Pro and third-generation AirPods without stems. Instead, the external appearance of each headset is the same as Beating Studio Buds And the same Powerbeats Pro.

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On both sides, press the “b” key once to play audio or pause or answer or close a phone call. Double press jumps to the next audio track, and triple press jumps back. By default, the button is pressed for one second and rotated in different listening modes.

The press and hold signal for each headset can be configured individually via the Beats Fit Pro list in your Bluetooth settings, with the three listening modes (ANC, Transparency and Standard with Adaptive Equipment) optional options included. Rotate, or set one side to enable Siri instead of changing listening modes. Or you can press and hold the volume control for the board, select one side to increase the volume, and lower the other.

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The skin test sensors in the headset can tell you when the Beats Fit Pro is in your ear and can automatically play or stop when you insert or remove them. With the unique ability to detect skin contact, you will have no problem enabling playback when headphones are tricked into a bag.

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You can control the listening mode in the Control Center on your iOS device by long-pressing the volume control to bring more options. You can also turn on or off Spatialize audio, and choose between permanent or head monitoring when surrounding audio experiences are on.

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Battery life is rated for up to six hours when lit by ANC or transparency, and those functions can be turned off for up to seven hours. Our informal test yielded results that met the criteria. It comes with USB-C (no wireless charging, unfortunately) and up to 21 extra hours of battery life with ANC / Transparency. Fast refueling feature provides an hourly playback after five minutes and you can recharge in an hour and a half.

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The Beats Fit Pro charger case is much larger than AirPods or irAirPods Pro, though not for that Powerbeats Pro. The headphones are magnetically inserted into the charger and remain in place even when shaken open.

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Bits Competitive Pro supports Android with the Bits Companion app, which allows you to switch between touch, lead test and listening modes and customize the “b” key, but you don’t get it all. Apple-based features set with H1 chip.

Of Bit Fitness Pro Priced at $ 199.99 and available in four colors: Stone Stone Purple, Sage Gray, White and Black. They are ready to order in the United States beginning November 5. They will start in China in early December, with more countries to follow in 2022.