Beats Fit Pro

The Beats Fit Pro does not look like AirPods or AirPods Pro, but it is basically a mix of the two. Apple Headphones in a physically wrapped shell. The reason these wireless headphones were made at that time, even with such a feature and sound overlap, were the shape and creative wings. These headphones are a great way to stay active no matter how hard you try.

I often turned to headphones for exercise. For example, Powerbeats Pro was helpful in keeping ear-to-ear hooks in place while running. No problem with those headphones right now – they still work – but at first glance, Powerbeats Pro is a big and confusing solution. These new Beats Fit Pro are a small, elegant and beautiful update to solve the same usage issue.

After spending some time with Beats Fit Pro, I can say that they are great for sports. Athletes at all levels appreciate their small size, high volume, and superior performance. People especially appreciate their reliable ability. However, these headphones are not the right choice for everyone because they are so focused on their fitness goals.



  • Creativity, safe wing tips
  • Strong Android experience
  • All the benefits of AirPod technology for iOS devices


  • No wireless charging.
  • Prolonged use can cause discomfort

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Fitness Pro

The wings on the Beats Fit Pro are flexible and designed to accommodate all types of ears.
Tyler Hayes

The flexible, small wing tips make these headphones more attractive than other competitors. They bend to accommodate a wide range of ear shapes. Pixel Buds have similar rubber nodes, but those are more rigid and rigid. I found the ones on the Fit Pro to be very natural to push into my ears, and generally speaking, comfortable.

Fit Pro headphones put some pressure on my ear. During the first few days of use, I needed to adjust back and forth for a while to find the right place. I was so uncomfortable that I tend to come when the headset is removed. I find this WingTip solution to be a much better way to achieve safe performance compared to other options. After a week of service, I think these earbuds used by Powerbeats Pro are better.

The choice of these headphones is my choice in the context of running and fitness. I prefer the feel of a standard Airbus using headphones to sit on the couch and work on a laptop. For example, when I went out, I was happy to put these in my ears, but I almost had no choice but to sit at the table to work.

Bits Fit Pro Pro Features

Bit Fitness Pro
Most fitness pro features also work on Android, including fast pairing and space audio.
Tyler Hayes

Some bits have significant flaws. These do not. These Apple H1 chips are available to support wireless technologies, including simple Bluetooth pairing and sharing capabilities. You can manually activate Hey Siri on Apple devices. They even have headphone tracking on-site audio with iOS 15 software.

There is an adapted ANC for better sound isolation. This can be helpful in keeping the gym quiet for a while. These tiny headphones have a long battery life per charge. In general, they are full of desirable traits.

For listeners with Android devices, these headphones leave out some iOS-based features, such as hands-free Siri or space audio (on Android devices), but you still get many features that you can use through the Bits Android app. I classified them as high-end headphones on major mobile platforms.

For curiosity, the Beats Fit Pro supports all of these features on Android. Ear tip test, listening mode controls, customizable controls, battery status, brand name change and OTA firmware updates. It is difficult to conclude that audio products named after Beit will continue to be a subsidiary in Apple to target the consumer market sports and Android categories.

The worst decision for this $ 200 product was not to include a wireless charging case. If you are happy with other aspects of the headset, it may not be negotiable, but it hurts. The case where the headphones reside can be charged via the USB-C port. The charging case is definitely a weak point for this product. The plastic looks cheap, and it looks more than it needs to be.

Bits Suitable Pro Sound

Reviewing new New AirPodsIt was hard for me not to compare the Beats Fit Pro sound directly with those. Both headphones have the same sound, the main difference being the silicone ear tips on the Fit Pro. The seal created by the silicone tip makes the sound more, deeper and more detailed.

Fit Pro headphones are perfectly balanced and have a pleasant sound. This may be different for people with Adaptive EQs that adjust the listening experience for everyone, but I have not heard any evidence that the behavior will make things worse.

I found myself losing weight Tin Daze songs, like “Refreshment of Reality” Because of the swallowing sound. The headphones work well with external frequencies, but hold the middle well. “The Future” by Jimmy Eating World It is a song full of crowded guitars and many sounds for space.

Bit Fitness Pro
The actual Beats Fit Pro headphones are small in size, but still emit a strong sound.
Tyler Hayes

Of course, the listening experience described above is often the case when I use these headphones with an ANC while listening in a quiet home. Outdoors, running down the street is a bit of a different experience than expected, but I’m still amazed by the natural soundtrack.

Low-end frequencies were listening from synth strings “One foot in front of the other“Acoustic guitars have more subtle jaw sounds at the door “Missing piece” from Vance Joy They were listening. I was content to learn how headphones can compete with leaf blowers and car noise, but it still gives life to music.

I run with openness so that I can hear my surroundings as much as possible. Sometimes I did not notice any breeze blowing from the headphones to make an external sound.

These are not audiofil-level headphones, and they are not intended to be. Their price suggests that they are good looking wireless headphones. They must be able to vote in full to mobilize you as they work.

Bit Fitness Pro
The Beats Fit Pro (right) has a larger charger than AirPods.
Tyler Hayes

Need to buy a Beats Fit Pro?

Beats Fit Pro is a wireless headset designed for athletes from amateur to professional. In this context, these are very good. These small wireless headphones allow for hats, goggles, and other headphones that may interfere with headphones.

As a general purpose wireless headphones, however, there are some trade-offs to consider. Even on the surface, the Beats Fit Pro charger is too big to carry in your jeans pocket. Ears can cause a lot of stress for long and ordinary hearing. Still, listeners with Android devices or people with active lifestyles need to look closely to see if these are for them.

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