When the CV-19 epidemic started last year, most of my favorite activities outside of my home or workplace, such as “My Time”, were completely uprooted because it was unsafe to gather in large groups. Although I knew that there was an urgent need for change in my daily routine, I could not help but feel for him. Exercise lessons at my local gym. There is something different when you push music with loudspeakers and other people with a strong but fun workout.

Since the closure of CVD, I have tried more apps than I can count when trying to create this feeling at home. Finally, I decided to give it a try Barry X – Application from Barry Booth Camp The live fantasy group offers lessons – and it immediately touches the mark in ways I never thought possible.


How much does Barry X cost?

While you can purchase single live room credit for $ 20, membership plans can also be purchased on Barry’s X app, from $ 39 for four rooms per month, $ 175 for 30 rooms per month. Most fitness enthusiasts choose between $ 75 for eight classes per month, $ 105 for 12 classes per month, or $ 130 per month for 16 classes. Membership credits can be used for live episodes, as well as Barry’s video on request.

If you want to work with the Barry’s X app but do not want to sign up for a monthly membership, you can purchase a room package. Class packages are available for $ 20 for 10 rooms in 90 days, with one class costing $ 30 for 30 days and $ 70 for five rooms for 60 days.

There is an option for Barry’s X Original (XO) membership, which offers special benefits, including invitations to events and dozens of guests a year to share with friends. These members are rated 12 units ($ 105) per month, 16 units per month ($ 130) or 30 units ($ 175 per month).


What are the features of Barry’s X Live Workout?

Registering for my first class on the app was a very straightforward process, and for my work experience, I was given many options to choose from the type of exercise I wanted to do, the teacher I wanted to work with. To turn on or off my camera. My favorite is the choice of “class” I want to be in class.

When you have the option to keep your camera off or to show your food only to the trainer, the four “rooms” for each class allow you to connect with other participants correctly. As long as your cameras are there, you can chat with each other in class and even see each other. Choosing a specific “class” for your exercise does not change the exercise itself, because each class is being taught in the same class at the same time, but this allows you to decide who you want to work with. Anyone. During my first workout, I chose a room that no one else had and invited a friend from another country to join me. During the training, the coach could see and talk to us, but no one in the room could.


My first experience in Barry X was different. Virtual fitness experience I have been on a sweaty session since I started my search for a killer. When I entered the room, I saw a coach clearly in the familiar red room of the Barry and I was shocked when he looked at the camera and followed me enthusiastically as he said my name, “Welcome to your first class!” Barry somehow designed the structure to encourage teachers to connect with each and every person present, to correct the form, or to easily dance to club-like music in the crowd. The ability to choose which class they want to be in, a direct interaction with an enthusiastic and experienced teacher, makes Barry X classes a unique social experience.

On top of that, after I went to the gym in my area, I felt tired and satisfied as usual, which was a favorite feeling after months of deprivation. Home fitness activities. I felt an unexpected sense of community, even more so than the physical effects of exercise. Although I was in pain (good) and didn’t want to do any more lung work, I soon enrolled in second grade because I wanted to continue building that new community.

Is Barry X worth it?

When it comes to whether or not this app is worth the investment, I say it depends on your specific needs. This app is very useful for you if you like more personal experience with a coach who will monitor you and instantly encourage you but choose not to be in class with other people in person. Like most fitness programs I have tried, the monthly membership fee for Bar X is not necessarily cheap, but in my sweat, wound and satisfaction, it is the best bet for the money you have on the market right now.