Barcelona are still in talks with Osman Dembele over a new contract.

Dembele’s current deal expires next summer and the winger has signed a five-year deal with Borussia Dortmund in 2017 worth more than ሚሊዮን 100 million.

Since then, the Frenchman has struggled to win Barርሳa Fans in the midst of inconsistencies and many injuries.

But at just 24 years old, those in Barca believe he can still reach his full potential.

And a new head coach Xavi Agrees, He said during the presentation of Dembele’s arrest. It is a ‘priority’ to a new contract.

He added: “Dembele in his place could be the best player in the world.

“It is important to have a winning attitude and consistency. We must help him.

Dembele is working to make up for the shortfall he missed the first three months of the season.

During this time, he is expected to miss about three weeks, of which two weeks will be covered by international leave.

And while the 24-year-old is recovering from his injury, Barርሳa is still trying to negotiate a new contract.

Their financial problems and the fact that Dembele did not stay well during his time at the club will inevitably lead to a pay cut.

And as Sports, Barca are now trying to include a number of articles that will reward them for staying well.

According to the report, Dembele’s basic salary is relatively low, which is much lower than his current income.

However, he will have the opportunity to make up for lost time in various aspects of his performance.

He understands that the proposed phrase is made up of ‘packages’ in games.

Simplified, each package – for example – seven games completed by Dembele, is paid bonus.

This will prevent him from paying a high salary to a player who does not compete with Barcelona.

But at the same time, it gives Dembele an extra chance to make up for it.

Many clubs offer a large number of games in their bonus section, for example, in 30 league games.

Any significant injury is limited to 38 league games per season, making that total impossible.

And for Dembele, who has historically struggled to qualify, it would be better to divide articles based on small games into multiple ‘packs’ throughout the season.

Although the deal has not yet been agreed, Dembele could still stay for a higher salary, and lower variables.