The November 11 episode focuses on the commercial and user benefits of voice-enabled AI applications.

Washington, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / –Voice speeches”Announced a live chat program discussing new developments in voice technology November 11 The show focuses on “Changing Body Fitness and Health through Voice Tech”. The showroom features guests from the running and fitness app Strava; Mental Health AI startup Kintsugi, Capstone Publishing and The English Schoolhouse.

November 11, 2021 Voice Speeches – Changing Fitness and Safety with Voice Tech

This month’s audio talks focus on how leading companies are changing their industries with voice-enabled AI technologies. Our guests will discuss how they have used voice technology and AI to grow their industries and improve and inspire user safety.

“We are thrilled to have such prominent industry leaders share the benefits of conversational technology in voice acting,” he said. Pete EricksonCEO of VOICE Talks and CEO of Modveve. “By the end of 2021, it is encouraging to hear how the customer experience is driving industry growth. I look forward to seeing how Strava, Kintsugi and Capstone are helping individuals prioritize their bodies, minds and souls.”

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  • Mark Jenny, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Strava Will be discussed with Dina Berada, Product Director at Google Assistant To discuss how sound technology has affected business and fitness. The Race and Fitness app Strava is committed to helping athletes achieve their goals and control their successes and obstacles along the way. When it comes to engaging users and staying on the edge, Strava leads the way and uses voice-activated technologies to grow the community on the platform. In 2021 alone, the company released more than 80 new features and enhancements to make the user experience easier and more enjoyable.

  • Grace Chang, Founder and CEO, Chief Software Engineer, Kinsugi, Explores the importance of mental health awareness. The company is joining VOICE Talks to discuss the steps it is taking to provide the best care possible with technological advances. Learn how this AI startup paves the way for easy and “smart” access to mental health. Its voice biomarker technology works to record clinical depression and anxiety in less than 20 seconds of free speech in any language – making it easier for health care systems to identify, identify and care for a patient’s mental health in real time.

The show discusses how stories shared by voice-enabled AI can inspire our future leaders. Listen here

  • House Brezenoff, Vice President, Publisher, Capstone PublishIng And Dr. Tamara Pizoli, Owner and author b English School. They discuss how they came together to create more than 25 “heroine” stories by Google Action. Ear Game. The event kicks off with International Women’s Day and features a series of fictional and non-fiction female heroines. It is an opportunity to recognize the 1.1 billion girls who are changing the world and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

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