In August 2021, the 8th Fighter Wing Aircraft competed in a 20-meter flight during a preliminary test of the Air Force’s fitness test at Kunsan Airport in South Korea. The service recently updated its PT test and updated its score charts to provide additional options. . (James Cassen / US Air Force)

The Air Force has released updated scores for the revised fitness test and is offering additional options for airline professionals to meet their fitness requirements.

Air conditioners who will be taking the test card from January 1 may choose to run 1.5 miles on the track or in the 20-meter hurdles on the basketball court, according to an amended directive released on Friday. But running aerobic exercise is still not an option for many.

Service leaders announced plans for further testing options this summer, saying the walk would be part of the heart. Airborne offenders are allowed to take a 2K walk – 1.25 miles.

On Friday, Facebook posted the updated test sections and score charts for Chief Master SGT. According to Air Force Joan S. Bass, the walk option has been removed “as long as we are” standard VO2 measuring instruments for all loads “.

The Air Force has proposed a 1 mile walk to measure the aerobic capacity of the air agent, also known as VO2 max. Scores include time, weight, and heart rate for members to complete the test At the end of the walk, the Air Force said in the summer.

The 20-meter high aerobic multi-wheeled race has been described by service officials as the best performance cardio. It requires air traffic controllers to adjust their speed and direction.

A 20-year-old male pilot must complete at least 100 rounds back and forth to increase his or her speed. The rounds range from slow running to sprint speed.

The Air Force has begun testing and implementing the 1.5-mile run in January 2020 as an in-house option instead of avoiding the weather. On average, the order provides between 1,800 and 2,000 weather per year, officials said.

You can choose to do traditional push-ups or hand-released push-ups for the strength section.

The army also includes hand-held push-ups in the new combat fitness test. When the soldiers are in a low position, they should lift the weight off their arms and extend their arms 90 degrees.

Hand-held push-ups are heavier than traditional push-ups, say fitness experts.

To boost the push-up, the 46-year-old female driver must complete 37 traditional push-ups or 28 hand-held push-ups in two minutes.

For places, the Air Force has approved cross-cranes and planks in addition to traditional positions.

Alternative Fitness Parts will not apply to US spacecraft preparing service-based health assessment next year, the Air Force said.

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