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Anthony Marshall has not had his best months since scoring his first Manchester United goal against Everton this season.

Marshall was eliminated before the game with coach Ole Gunnar Solshire By posting on the club’s websiteUnfortunately, he had to knock and get out.

Although he did not play, Marshall still met with the French team in October.

October 21 (Photo by Matthew Peters / Manchester United by Getty)

Martial has not played a single minute since returning to Manchester United.

He was pictured in the first half of his return from international duty, but he did not line up as far as Atlanta during the day and did not travel to London.

In the City game, United chose Marcus Rashford from the bench instead of using Marseille.

Telegraph Marshall is one of eight players who have been frustrated by the lack of playing time this week.

Mixed messages

The video, posted on Anthony Marshall’s Instagram page Melanie, has caused some controversy.

Video question and answer with a friend, Asked about Marshall’s injury.

Melanie was silent, but her unnamed friend said: “He is a professional soccer player and he knows how to deal with injury. “By the way, he was not harmed.”

So what is Marshall doing?

Later Spending a week in Dubai He returned to Manchester with his wife, Marshall.

It was Marshall. Drawings on training at the club Just yesterday.

So until this weekend’s game against Watford, Martial is healthy and ready for the election.

Anthony Marshall's wife
(Photo courtesy of Matthew Peters / Manchester United)

About the past, yes, the truth may be somewhere between them.

As reported by the French website Gentside Sport Marshall may have been diagnosed with food poisoning two weeks ago.

Melanie said he was ‘OK’ because he was not in the team after United posted a picture of Marshall playing against United at home.

So her best friend Marshall’s claim of ‘no harm’ was technically correct, but he was not safe.

The word ‘balgia’ is French for muscle tension. There was confusion somewhere as Schalke only hinted after the Everton game.

Marshall now looks completely healthy. But it is clear that United and Ole Gunnar Solskjair are in a position to question the authority of the player’s wife – perhaps even Marshall.

But it is difficult to blame Martial for the end of the season, as he has yet to feature for the French team at the November International Games.

There is a lot of competition in the United striker and he should use any time he gets between now and at the end of the year.

In January, rumors about the future may be circulating. Calciomerkato He reported last week that he was on the list of potential targets for Juventus.

Marshall has scored just 155 minutes in the Premier League this season.

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