The mother of two has made the cover of the main fitness magazine one of their biggest models to date – and they don’t believe in her age.

Joey Bull, from CardiganShe has a list of health and fitness victories that inspired her to spread her love with other women, especially those over 40.

Joy first became acquainted with the world of dance at the age of three. 55

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“I went to a professional ballet school, but my family was hiking, so it was a big comparison to my upbringing. I started dancing, then I taught in Norway, Italy, Kenya. I arrived in Nairobi for a while. I was teaching there when I was 16 years old. .

However, a snowstorm broke Joey’s leg, forcing her to take a different route. She was told: “You will no longer be active.

Joey is a 4x British fitness champion and once ranked 8th in the world.

“It was horrible news,” Joy recalls, “because my whole life and income was based on being active.”

Thankfully, during Joy’s rehabilitation, she found physiotherapy and rehabilitation gym. But Joy remembers being one of the only women there.

“Then I got into it and I started going to the competition. I did well in my first country, I came in fourth, I learned one or two things and then I came back and won.

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She won four trophies as a British fitness champion before setting her sights on something big.

“Then I was sent to the world circuit and I was ranked 8th in the world but I realized I was in a horrible drug and competition district.”

After entering the world of fitness as a pure athlete and making a name for herself in the Reformation, Joy found it difficult to compete with those who ate more.

Joy, along with her mother, longs for her life.
Joy, along with her mother, longs for her life.

Leaving the gym, Joy was selected for the Great Britain Eco Test, known as the world’s most adventurous competition.

“Carrying about half your body weight, walking around the jungle for 10 days, working 500 km and swimming from island to island. It was an adventure.

The mother of two remembers that this is the point where she wants to return to health and vitality rather than competition.

Learn about what happens in your area.

As she grew older, she said, she focused on “waving flags” for middle-aged groups to encourage women to use their bodies more efficiently.

“When we get to middle age, we get to a time when we are unfamiliar with Vim and consciousness, and it’s often a time when women don’t look like themselves. Maybe, maybe you had children, partnerships and failed partnerships.

“You end up at a very busy and crowded age of your life and you feel a little lost and not beautiful in soul. There is not a single beautiful word for a middle-aged woman in menopause.”

Joy is now focusing on fitness and well-being with other women.
Joy is now focusing on fitness and well-being with other women.

Knowing this, Joy focused on making fitness accessible and attractive to women who are not affected by the fitness industry.

“I always look forward to making people feel better and especially women.

“There’s always a little bit of criticism that a woman spends a lot of time on herself, and I mean you don’t have to spend that much time, but you have a commitment to him and to yourself.”

Joy has developed her ability to create inclusive fitness plans and exercises using her online lessons, articles, and YouTube videos.

Joey on women's fitness coverage
Joey on women’s fitness coverage

Her commitment – as well as a list of long-term successes – earned her the attention of a fitness publisher, where she became a star on the cover of “Aging Promotion” – at the age of 55!

She hopes to use her knowledge as a biogroup pharmacist and continue to encourage women of all ages to participate in the program so that women can get the most out of their bodies.

You can get more information and fitness tips from Joy. YouTube here And she Website here.

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