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Let’s face it – most people do exercise to help them lose weight, gain weight, or otherwise control their body size and shape. Of course, being healthy and fit may also be goals, but the main motivation is often weight.

One time a client told me that she had been in a vigorous fitness camp for six weeks and had not lost any weight, so she did not see any point in exercising. Another client told me that if she realized that science could not do much for weight loss (and that was true), she decided that there was no reason to go into her busy schedule.

That’s sad, because there are so many reasons to move our bodies that have nothing to do with weight loss. example, A study published last month He concluded that exercise promotes health rather than weight loss – an additional benefit in reducing the health risks associated with yo-yo diet.

The constant link between exercise and the idea of ​​weight loss It also creates a narrow view of those who exercise. watch out as such. But if you are not in a thin body, you are the only one watch out In the fitness books and magazines, in advertisements for gym and yoga studios, and in personal trainers and classroom teachers, what does this indicate? Exercise suggests that you make yourself thinner – otherwise it can kill motivation – or that Yours Being in a gym or yoga studio has no business.

Maurice Summer, a personal trainer who works to provide a more holistic view of exercise, is the owner of this joint venture. Fitness formGym, author of the book New York, Brooklyn, New York,Large and bold girl for plus-size female strength training. ” The book is challenging and supportive, with clear, detailed instructions on how to perform activities safely and efficiently, as well as advice on how to approach your life and help you reach your strength goals. As the book introduces beginner-advanced beginner sports activities, Samers encourages. Listen to your body and adjust the movements as needed. For such a careful and thoughtful book, its origin… was unplanned.

“I was asked if I would like to write the book with the publisher [Human Kinetics]. ‘Who, what?’ I said. Because this was not on my bucket list, ”said Summers. “I realized that this was not an opportunity for you to reject me. My goal is to reach as many people as possible, to teach them how to love fitness. You can only do so many one-on-one sessions. I longed to find my thoughts and main points in words.

Summer shared on Instagram (@MoritSummers) She was not happy with the first thought of the book, so I asked her what the last article meant to her. “In any category, people associate themselves as one way or another. I prefer plus-size to be considered fat or large. Some people own the word ‘big’ or the word ‘fat’, and I think that’s very good, but those words. They can be disgusting. I think the size of the plus is more straightforward, “she said. You can’t give a gift because it says ‘size’.

Summers herself has shown most of the exercises in the book, and she has combined two plus-size color models. Body types and skin tones – represented in fitness media – are generally narrower than they appear in the media, but Summer has recently been featured in Shape and Health magazines, as well as health and fitness campaigns. I asked her how many different bodies she thought were improving – and why this representation was important.

“I really think everything is changing. It doesn’t happen overnight but it is slowly moving in the right direction,” she said. This is one of the reasons why I am so excited to choose models that I know are big and beautiful and strong.

Coming back to the link between sad exercise and weight loss, if Summers knew her clients wanted to lose weight, I was curious. as well as They have goals to be strong or healthy.

“I do, but once you have a very open discussion, many people feel that they want to lose weight, and the community is telling you to do it wherever you go. Everywhere. She says most of her clients are overweight and easily feeling better.

But Summers’ desire to reduce physical activity is something she personally understands and opens up in her book. “Every time I went to the gym, I thought I would lose weight. Most of my life, my journey was ‘I want to agree, I want to lose weight, I want to look like everyone else.’ I started five or six years ago. Power lift, And was initially about weight loss. Then I realized how powerful I was and my focus changed on how my body moves and works. My travels have changed a lot, and so have I done with my clients.


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