Sherry Edwards, surrounded by other cyclists, entered the race.

Regardless of the weather, if you are a cyclist and on Sundays, all roads lead to the closure of commercial warehouses and office parks in Doral.

Located just west of Miami International Airport and the Norwegian Cruise Line headquarters, the area is packed with office parks and deserted streets, perfect for “crit race” cycling.. And recently Sunday there cyclist Sherry Edwards realized an important chapter.

The setting was not only for her but also for her fans and for both of them to see the history of black cycling clubs being made.

Edward, the only black woman with more than 40 female cyclists, was easily identified with the Peloton or a group of riders and was on the verge of having her name written in the canon of cyclists. At 4 ′ 11 ″, the “Pinnacle Power House” is considered a local giant in the sport. Her journey began during the Covide-19 lock.

Edwards, a 2007 graduate of the University of Florida A&M and former Miss FM, was at home recovering from surgery when she began to lock in in March. In an effort to endanger the epidemic, the Gugu Gymnasium moved to its storage room on an old mountain bike.

“I had to get back into shape,” Edwards said. “I could not even stand for 10 to 15 minutes. I needed a way to stay awake.

After a stroll around the camp, she decided to buy a brand new, lightweight bicycle.

“I began to strengthen my resolve and joined my friends in boarding,” she said. “Then I invited the Delta Sigma Teta Sorority to ride with my sisters.”

Improvement and speed became her goal; It was encouraging to see cyclists zipping on the lightest and most sophisticated carbon road bikes – and it has made a difference.


“People passed me on their road bikes, I mean, very fast! I said, ‘What is this?’ I said, ”Edwards said. “From that moment on, I researched and bought my first road bike in July, and the rest was history.”

After purchasing a new bicycle, the next step is to find like-minded people who will help her to continue her bike ride.

“I got it Step-up bicycle movement; They offer a ‘training trip’ on Tuesday, especially for beginners. And I know I need the basic road safety and bicycle basics that the unit offers.

Bicycle Supporters and Master-Level Cyclists and Cyclists, Level Up was established to promote the health benefits of cycling while exposing small communities to the sport.

“I’ve met some great people at the club, especially Luis Scott, who is leading Tuesday’s training trips,” said Edwards.

She faithfully followed all beginner riding lessons, such as speeding, how and when to change bike gears, cutting off the pedals, and what kind of bike gear to buy, called “Kits.” There was a lot to learn and invest, but the results came quickly. The purpose was soon to call Edwards, beyond the start-up journey.

“I was asked to take the ‘Tuesday jump’ ‘trip on Tuesday morning, at 6 am, with a continuous speed of 23 miles per hour for 28 miles per hour,” Edwards said.

She sped off and began riding more with the rest of the group for the rest of the lock.

“I was riding on Century Towing Riders and my confidence was growing,” Edwards said. “CTR gave me the test I needed. They are well-known for group riding speeds of 23 to 100 miles per session. The missing piece was definitely needed to elevate me ”

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Cyclist Sherry Edwards sits on the water while meditating on a rigorous training course.

As a member of the team, Edwards consolidated her speed, strength, and ability on technical team trips and received a “Pint-sized Power House” monk.

After returning to work earlier this year, she remained committed to her training. Participating in group riding with other groups, often dominated by men – often finding herself alone, riding in the sea with mostly white faces – improved her cycling skills. She finally found her way to the Doral Criteria competition, but as an observer.

There were no female-only races at the time; The only option was to compete in the men’s category. But by the end of the women’s competition, Edwards was ready to face the challenge.

“I know it would be hard for a single black woman to compete in a cycling race with a woman who has more than 15 years of experience as a new cyclist. I know it will not be easy.

Edwards spent three months training for crit. On the day, her family, friends, Suri sisters and supporters lined up in a Pint-Sized Powerhouse T-shirt as she walked to the front line to take a photo and wish her all the best. Her presence was observed.

“I really looked, I felt,” recalls Edwards. “The others were racing with teams and they knew each other, I was racing alone. But I was just focusing on it now.


Sheerie Edwards showcased her Rafa device as one of the new ambassadors of the performance streetwear brand.

At the start of the race, she moved quickly and angrily to a place in Peloton, not to be left behind, or to what the bicycle world called a “fall.” “Sherry, let’s go!” They shouted. The incentive also helped her make it to the Top 10 Finishers list, an unusual job for a new cyclist. Her actions on the day made her the country’s ambassador. Rafa Bicycle ClubThe Tour de France Cycling Education Foundation and the Los Angeles Premier Cricket Team Legion The Los Angeles Legion is a high-end bicycle lifestyle brand that supports two black men from the Comman Caliph.

“I was asked, am I ready for this, will they accept me?” Said Edwards. “In South Florida, cycling is dominated by whites and Hispanics. Rafa’s representatives say, ‘We want you, we want you!’ [They’re] Great on diversity, inclusion and high equality. I’m happy to meet a brand that is committed to those three points on and off the bike, because representation is important.

Today, Edwards continues her journey – now she is sponsoring her. Large rubber bikesPopular and long-established local store – and has no plans to reduce it. She finished sixth in her 2021 season, a great achievement for someone with less than a year of racial training.

“I am willing to continue my journey to share my story and inspire other women and cyclists,” she said. “I did not come here to rebuild the wheel. We have the best black female cyclists before me, like Atlanta Ayesha McGowan and Trinidad and Tobago Tenuel Campbell. They are my inspiration. If I can get acquainted with others during this trip, it will be enough. ”