After a fitness instructor was told that she was too small, she felt very sorry for the woman.

Zara Groves, 51, was told by a potential customer that she would not be booked – because she was only 12 years old.


Zara is happy with her size but can’t believe it.

Shocked and startled by the comment, Zara burst into tears. Facebook post “You think you are fat,” she wrote.

“I didn’t come here for fishing,” Zara said.

“What I have to say is that I was shocked, I was not a machine. I was told this late in the night, and the next day when I really thought about it, I was just like myself.”

Although she is not overweight and wears only 12 UK dresses, Zara says she is still frustrated by her appearance as a fitness instructor.

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“I thought, ‘Oh, this woman is leaving, all the knowledge I can share with her, because in her eyes, I was so fat. What is this world coming to?’ Zara said.

He added: “I was shocked. I was not because I never thought in a million years that fat would be the next statement.”

Luckily, Zara now laughs at the humor of the comment, but she feels compelled to share her experience because she doesn’t think people should be judged by her performance.

“I’m a good bloodthirsty coach, I know that. I’m also a 51-year-old, and now I’m a perimenopause. So if you look like a 20-year-old, I had eight stones with 13 to 9 pebbles,” she said.

When I was in my 30’s, I thought I saw the best in my image, I was 10 pebbles. I am now 11 pebbles, yes, I have gained a little weight but I still have not put myself down. Zara added.

She thanked Zara for her thick skin and asked the audience if they had experienced the same humiliation.

The post has been viewed 3.8k times, and Facebook users have commented on how ridiculous it is for someone to call Zara fat.

“Fat ?! You’re kidding! It’s funny, and if it were you, how much would that affect your knowledge and experience.

Another Facebook user added, “You are a very beautiful woman and you are encouraging all your co-workers and good teachers. Please don’t explain why she has a problem today.”

Third, “People are distorted about fat. It’s funny now.”

I was shocked. I have never thought of the fat that you would put on my side in a million years because I am not.

Zara Groves

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